Monday, June 26, 2006


I must admit that I just don't "get" tattoos.

Not that I don't have ink placed on my body. I don't. But I don't "get" tattoos. I don't understand them. That's what I mean when I say I don't "get" tattoos. They don't make sense to me.

To me, the human body is a wonderful thing. It doesn't make sense to me to discolor it.

Oh, I'm all for nice clothing and pretty jewelry. But a permanent discoloration of an area of the body? I just don't get it.

There are family members that wear ink. My brother-in-law was in the Navy and served in Vietnam. He wears a tattoo. Something Navy folks do. Army, too. Lots of folks I served with in the Army had tattoos.

Snuffie, who comments here on occasion ... and just happens to be the mother of two of my grandchildren ... also has tattoos. The grandchildren's names are among them. So, I got no problem at all with the content of her tattoos. I just don't understand getting a tattoo.

So please don't misunderstand me when I say I don't "get" tattoos. But I don't. I just don't understand it. And I don't mean to pick on anyone with a tattoo.

On the other hand, maybe I will.

I really don't understand the craze in "lower back" tattoos. You know the ones. Right above the crack of the ass, visible when the shirt creeps up.

Some are pictures of butterflies or other cutsie things. Some are emblems or something. And some words. Or designs that look sort of like words.

So, the Wife and I were wondering about those tattoos. You see we were sitting in a Subway restaurant when a young girl came in sporting an ass tattoo. Or lower back tattoo. Whatever they're called.

We wondered if it was a design. Or pictures. Or words. And the thought of words got us being silly and giggling.

Thinking about what the words on a tattoo just above the crack of the ass might say.

  • This end up.

  • No entry.

  • Must be this tall to ride.

  • Exit only.

  • Open other end.

  • If you can read this, you are too close.

So, how about you. You have any other ideas on what a tattoo in that location might say?


  1. "victory"
    "das booty"
    "piece de resistance"

  2. I've always wanted one, but can't get past my fear of needles ... Hubby has 3, and he says he wishes he'd just stuck with the one: his Airborne Wings. I don't like all over the body tattoos though.

  3. "Wide Load"
    "My other tattoo is a butterfly"

    A dollar bill, so as she gets older others can watch her money grow.

  4. Give Me A Kiss
    Pucker Up
    Kiss My...
    Ole Slappy
    Vote for Bush

    ok that's enough

    I have a tattoo as well but it's not an ass tattoo, lower and if I turn around..errr never mind. Yes, Navy days.

  5. It might be a butterfly and ivy and the name of your first born grandchild. But, that is just a guess.

  6. Sissy: No, we were in the Subway at 12th Street and First Avenue.

    By the way, you and I have never talked about your tattoos, so I was not able to mention them here with any certainty. That is why I mentioned the tattoos on your big sis. You see, she and I *have* talked about tattoos.

  7. How about...

    Enter at your own risk
    Dead End
    Bottoms Up

    Hey this is fun!


  9. OK, so I never grew up. How about the old standard:


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  11. I don't get tatoos either! And all the good ideas have been used! There was a guy on Cops that had his nose tatooed--bet that smarted! I forget his reasoning but it looked stupid!

  12. I , too, share the "not getting them" But I think if they are to be done then there are many tastefully done ones out there and I have seen a few I like especialy memorial ones...just not ready to brand myself.

    The full body suits though? UGH! If you are that bored with the skin God gave you..sheesh

  13. ok for all those who don't "get" tattoos, is it that you don't understand why people would want to scar their body with them? is it that it's not ok to do that in your opinion? this is the question i had for my maw-maw when she found out i had gotten the second one was, it's not ok to get tattos but those holes you punched in your ears are ok? people have different ways of expressing themselves. i "get" that you don't "get" it and that's ok. i ain't mad at ya.

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  15. All criminals have tattoos??? I wonder what Martha Stewart's tattoo is?

  16. Snuffiemnstr--I don't get why you'd want to put something that will be there for all eternity on your body. You can have a favorite necklace or bracelet, but they will eventually end up in a box. If you could wash a tattoo off after awhile, I might see that but to be stuck with it forever--no way! And the people who add to their collection until they run out of comment! Pierced ears will grow back together if you stop wearing earrings.

  17. ah but linda there will always be the scar of that hole you punched in your ear.

  18. The Mean Sister (who is 5'6")July 2, 2006 at 11:12 AM

    Hey Basil,

    Maybe the tatoo said, "This is my best ASSet!"


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