Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Headline News 2006-06-07

From ABC News:
GOP Hangs on to "Duke" Cunningham Seat
Richie & Joanie's big brother reelected

From ABC News:
Woman Finds Live Frog in Burger King Salad
Asked for dead frog

From ABC News:
What Cheesesteak Can Tell You About the Immigration Debate
Cheesesteak can't talk

From ABC News:
Northwest Flight Attendants Reject Cuts
Still lighting fires

From ABC News:
Olivia Newton-John's Missing Ex Spotted, Report Says
Was striped

From ABC News:
Dwarf Dinosaur Fossils Found in Germany
"Dinosaur bowling" was Neanderthal fad

From ABC News:
Seagull Is Hit by Pitch
Awarded first base

From ABC News:
Man Stuck in Mud for More Than a Day Saved
Looking forward to heaven

From ABC News:
Deer Leaves Dog Unconscious, Causes Flood
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Night Stalker Appeals Death Sentence
Claims vampire he killed was already dead


  1. "Night Stalker Appeals Death Sentence"

    But ABC insists the show remains cancelled

  2. Wednesday's...

    Ann Coulter: Coulter Does NYT a Favor; Reviews Own Book Vox Poplar: 1 on 1 with the RCMP & CSIS about the Canadian Jihad Case Widgerson Library & Pub: I Have Seen the Decline and Fall of Western Civilization......


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