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OptyMyst (Look Who's Tattling Now)

Today, our interview is with OptyMyst (Look Who's Tattling Now)...

Everyone is ready with their questions ...

Let's begin...

Batman & Robin or The Green Hornet & Kato?

Batman & Robin. I grew up with Pow! Bam! Biff!

Law & Order or CSI?

Both, in equal doses. Are there any other shows on television other than those two and 24?

Justice: Original or Extra Crispy?

Original. Extra crispy is a dishonest façade for tiny pieces masquerading as larger pieces. I like to see what I am getting.

Shaft: Richard Roundtree or Samuel L. Jackson?

Samuel L. Jackson cuz he's like, cool, man. I love his intensity.

Why do you do what you do?

I do a variety of things, so I will venture a guess that this question is regarding why I maintain a web log (or two). Originally, I wrote to release frustration. I have since placed all of that frustration in a book. I now write - primarily about crime - to place pieces of puzzles together. Crimes are like puzzles to me, and I try to figure out why and how they happened. Rarely do I complete a puzzle to my satisfaction, but by placing pieces in my blog I have found that others make connections between pieces that may not have been apparent. It becomes a joint effort. I collect these pieces in an effort to understand those I have known who have committed crimes. I may never understand.

My newer blog is also a collection of puzzle pieces - this time the puzzle is interstitial lung disease. It's a member blog to which others may contribute positive information about these progressive, incurable diseases.

In my "official" work time I am a freelance graphic designer and copywriter.

Who's the worst person you've blogged about?

Jesse Dee "Jay" Wise, a 21-year-old man who was recently accused of killing six of his family members and unceremoniously dumping them in the basement of his grandparent's home, where he lived. He had been raised by his grandparents. Testimony from his preliminary hearing revealed that after he the death of six family members ranging in age from 5 to 64, he was on his way to kill his grandfather, who had been working out of town. The breakdown of his dead grandmother's Mercedes SUV left him and a friend stranded on a highway between Pennsylvania and New York, where another friend picked them up.

During the weekend that he admittedly killed his family, Jay Wise used his dead grandmother's credit card to go shopping and stay in a motel. According to testimony, he told his 16-year-old girlfriend (and mother of his one-year-old child) that they would be together now, for he had killed them all, and he now had a vehicle. The girlfriend, according to her own account, told him to stop talking about it during their romantic, fast-food dinner in the car, and did not contact police. She told the AP shortly after discovery of the bodies - about three days after he had told her about them - that he had been happy and acting fine when they went out to eat a few times, and had called to say he would be by to deliver the baby's diapers. He reportedly stayed in the house with the bodies of his family lying in the basement for a number of days, and had friends over to visit.

That story begins at Multiple Murder Hits Lancaster County
It continues at Couldn't be Worse

I had difficulty with this question, because I have written about Kyle Huff, David Ludwig, Patrick Selepak, Samantha Bachynski, Jeremy Steinke and Jasmine Richardson, to name a few others.

Just how big of a tattle-tale were you as a child?

I was completely mum - never told a thing. My brothers exacted punishments for tattling that I didn't like very much. I didn't tell a thing until 2004, which is why my mother and I were joking about "Look Who's Tattling Now."

Just how big of a tattle-tale were your siblings?

Four of them were very bad, and loved to tell tall tales (lies). They still do. Two of them were great.

What's the most satisfying post you ever wrote?

It's actually a continuing series about NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association). I am still working on digging up their Internet footprints to show that they are still around, still busy. It begins with the post, With Their Own Words...

I remain incensed about pedophiles trying to convince a thinking world that we, who wish to protect children from their advances, are the bad guys.

What was your favorite pet as a child?

I was a terrible tom-boy (still am) and loved most anything that crawled or walked the earth. From the collection of pets that included a variety of insects that I thought I could "tame," mice, crayfish, turtles, fish, a turkey, and dogs, my favorite was Missy, the last family dog.

She was an unlikely mix of dachshund and beagle, an amazing hound. She handled life in a family with seven children very well. She was also a thief. Although we, and most of the neighbors, fed her every day, Missy thought she could steal things from the corner grocery's meat delivery truck, too. One day she walked up the ramp to the truck, stole a couple of steaks and brought them home. Another day she came home with a Dairy Queen bag that contained her most recent stolen goodies - milkshakes. My mother, who knew precisely how to handle young thieves (as discussed in my post Thou Shalt Not Steal - Mom Said), had no idea how to teach integrity to a dog. Wasn't gonna happen - never did. Missy had her honor, however, and throughout her life remained fiercely loyal to all of us.

What's the best advice you could give a parent?

Love them, teach them well, let them go. Be prepared to let them fall, and be prepared to catch them just before they hit bottom. Allowing them to fall is the most difficult love of all.

Tell me about your favorite smell.

I love the smell of the earth when it is raining nearby and you know a storm will be upon you soon. Inhaling that scent while being immersed in the electrically charged atmosphere, I can believe that anything is possible.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I would become fearless.

Would you rather attend an all-night Ed Wood festival or an all-night Ken Russell festival?

Ken Russell - he's bizarre.

Who is your favorite poet?

I love many poets, but three poems that have been very influential in my life are " A Friend's Greeting" by Edgar Guest, " Trees" by Joyce Kilmer, and " If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking" by Emily Dickinson. I also like some of my own poetry (Mom said blow your own horn, no one else will). One recently written for an Indie film of the same title:

Zen's Ank'

There lives a dream outside my head,
Of a place in which I cannot tread.

The dream invades incessantly,
Overwhelming sanity's sovereignty.

It takes my life, by shred and tear,
And steals my thoughts; this cross I bear.

The dream, its din, the cacophony,
Abduct my soul, while stifling me.

And now with this, my final breath,
Life inverts and becomes my death.

Please be not sad; it's meant to be;
The dream I am abides in He.

OptyMyst - 2005

If you could ask Charles Manson one question, what would it be?

Just who the heck do you think you are?

Chuck Norris or Sam Elliott?

Sam Elliott.

Thanks for agreeing to the interview. We really appreciate it.

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