Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Headline News 2006-06-20

From ABC News:
New US church leader says homosexuality no sin
Ten Commandments to also be repealed

From ABC News:
KFC Sued for Fattening Menu
Stupid people hire lawyer

From ABC News:
Jolie, Pitt eye adoption next
If approved, plan nose, ear adoptions

From ABC News:
Bush Gives Iran an Ultimatum on Uranium
Learns two new words each day

From ABC News:
Bear Eats Oatmeal in Woman's Kitchen
Was 'just right'

From ABC News:
Post Office Said to Abet Cigarette Sales to Kids
Winston-Salem post office proclaims innocence

From CNN:
Democrats: Iraq withdrawal must begin in 2006

Losing 7 consecutives elections puts party in charge

From CNN:
Woman charged in attack over dead chihuahua
Taco Bell presses charges

From CNN:
Dead whale found in river, scientists puzzled
Bubba's Giant Bait Shop opens for business

From AP:
Bear Steals 50 Lbs. of Dog Food from Home
Yogi robs Huckleberry

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