Friday, June 30, 2006

Headline News 2006-06-30

From ABC News:
Missing Groom's Family Sues Cruise Ship
Jennifer Wilbanks' brother goes to sea

From ABC News:
Witch School Opens Doors in Midwestern Town
Won't have picture of Jesus on wall, ACLU approves

From ABC News:
China Cracks Down on 'Immoral' Blogs only site available

From ABC News:
Lunch Date With Warren Buffett Sells for $620,100
Parrothead sobers up, demands refund

From ABC News:
Operation Removes Lightbulb from Anus
Pentagon running out of names for new ops

From ABC News:
Man Sues Over Web Site Comments
Lying bastard sues

From ABC News:
Drive-Thru Pot Smoke Gives Pair Away
Cheech & Chong reunited at county lockup

From ABC News:
Police Find Skeleton in Cleveland Home
Drew Carey's diet an overwhelming success

From ABC News:
Boater Rescued Twice in the Same Spot
Was showing friends what happened last summer

From ABC News:
Pig Who Posed As Wilbur Gets Reprieve
Charlotte still dies


  1. Friday's...

    Basil's Blog: Headline News Point Five: Gore Warns Of Global Wettening Crisis IMAO: Irony. The Nose On Your Face: Zarqawi Photo Creates A Stir At "Show And Tell"......

  2. "Operation Removes Lightbulb from Anus"

    John Kerry's "Secret Plan" for the War on Terror revealed....
    -Involves him pulling ideas out of his @ss.


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