Monday, June 26, 2006

Headline News 2006-06-26

From Washington Post:
Dirty Politics Trouble Mexico
Bush blamed

From Washington Post:
Alito Breaks Tie, Kan. Death Penalty Stays
Perry Smith, Richard Hickock won't be resentenced

From Washington Post:
Call for Lobbying Reform Is Fading, Lawmakers Say
Lobbying Reform Lobby ineffectual

From Washington Post:
Muslim Gay Seeks Lesbian Wife
Not sure why

From CNN:
Militants demand Israel release women, kids
Says Israel shouldn't copy their tactics

From CNN:
Richardson splits from Backstreet Boys
No one notices

From CNN:
Buffett gives away his fortune
Anna Nicole removes him from black book

From KFOX:
Man killed after refusing to give haircut
Calvin, Ricky & crew mourn Eddie

From KOAT:
Bear Paw fire forces 100 to flee homes
Bear puts ointment on paw, feels bad about homes

From CNN:
Judge threatens to lock up Boy George
Singer agrees, asks to be spanked

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