Tuesday, June 20, 2006

White Trash Is Alive And Well

This weekend, the Wife and I went to eat supper at a relatively new steakhouse in Columbus. And when we left the restaurant, we got a little surprise.

Actually, we didn't get the surprise. Which was the surprise.

Perhaps I should explain.

You see, someone had been putting out flyers on the windows of some of the cars, trucks, and vans in the lot.

Now, where we ate, there are three restaurants in the same building. So, there's the steakhouse, then a Japanese restaurant, then a Mediterranean restaurant. And, pretty much, the vehicles in the lot are lined up in that order too.

Except for our truck, of course. We ended up parking in the area in front of the Mediterranean restuarant. So, we walked past the steakhouse patrons' vehicles, then past the Japanese restaurant patrons' vehicles ... when we saw the flyers.

They were from National Vanguard.

What's that? National Vanguard? Who are they?

Why, they're a bunch of crazy white folks. And not the good kind. The Beverly Hillibillies are good crazy white folk. National Vanguard are bad crazy white folk.

Now, how in the world do such folks exist in this day and time? Easy. Some people is just crazy. The left has them. The right has them. Black folks have them. White folks have them. Americans have them. Canadians have them. Koreans have them. Iraqis have them. Christians have them. Jews have them. Muslims have them. Athiests have them.

The point is, the world is full of crazy folks. And most of the time I only see them on TV, read about them in the paper, or run across them on the Internet.

But this weekend, some of them crawled out of the woodwork and put out flyers on the vehicles in front of the Japanese restaurant.

These clowns are all opposed to immigration. I'm on record opposing illegal immigration. Heck, by default, illegal immigration is illegal. But legal immigration? I'm all for it.

My ancestors are immigrants, you see. I can only trace my family back around 300 years. They were here before the United States declared its independence. Fought in the Revolution and everything. So, I go back a while. But even though my ancestors have probably been here longer than yours, my ancestors were immigrants. They came from somewhere else.

So these idiots at National Vanguard have pictures in their flyers saying "Close the border" and "Stop immigration" and such. The concept that they themselves are immigrants is lost on them. Like I said, crazy white folks.

Unfortunately, National Vanguard is not a joke. They are serious. And seriously crazy.

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  1. So... these neanderthals spammed your car while you were having a steak? People like this slither into a parking lot, litter and get out as fast as they can. The last thing they could handle would be to get caught in the act...

  2. Man, if only you could have struck up a conversation. And hilarity ensues! Oh, and my peeps done been here longer.......

  3. I, too, am for LEGAL immigration. The people who don't want ANY immigration at all may not necessarily be crazy, but they certainly are idiotic. Where do they think we get many of our doctors, nurses, engineers and scientists? Do they think that by shuting down all immigration we will have enough of a labor force in a few years to adequetly fund the huge entitlement programs of the federal government? This crowd lacks wisdom AND common sense. By the way, my wife is a legal immigrant RN.


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