Saturday, July 2, 2005

Headline News: 7/2/2005

From ABC News:
Barbecue Chain Buys Porn Web Site for $6G
Horny Bitches Barbeque a hit

From ABC News:
Bob Geldof, charity saint and foul-mouthed bully
Just like a young Mother Teresa

From CNN:
Teacher used sick days to pursue wrestling
School board wants him to put the smack down on unruly students

From CNN:
NYC tries to make yellow cabs greener
Coats them with translucent blue paint

From CNN:
Bobby Brown's new reality
Still nothing like actual reality

From CNN:
Elephant tagging aims to solve mystery
How did elephants learn to play 'tag'?

From KERO:
Arrest made in alleged hate crime
Still no arrests in love crime

From KPRC:
Illegal spray may beat red light cameras
It's called paint and it's sprayed on camera lens

From CNN:
Singh hot at Western Open
Looks good in new outfit

From CNN:
Bush calls for 'dignified' process
Harry Reid asks "What is this 'dignified' you speak of?"

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