Tuesday, July 5, 2005

WTW: Redecorating

White Trash WednesdaysI've been out of town for a few days. I drove over to South Carolina to get some fireworks for the Fourth of July, but the sheriff was remembering what happened last time and sent a deputy to tell me to not try it this year.

So, me and some buddies went over to Baxley to practice, but they don't like it over there, either. So I been a guest of the county for the last few days. So, I just got back and logged on to drop Basil an e-mail, and lo and behold, he's gone and redecorated.

To be honest, it looks a little fruity.

If you ever saw his first blog, it had a little pink in it. I thought it looked a little sissy. But he weren't concerned about that. I remember when Basil was in the Army and stationed at Fort Stewart, his daughter got a new lunchbox when she started second grade, and told him "Daddy, you can use my old lunchbox to take your lunch to work."

Well, the little girl's "old lunchbox" was pink and had Minnie Mouse and her friends on it. But, you know what? He thanked her and took his lunch to work in that little pink lunchbox. After a couple of days, his unit's commanding officer called him over and asked him "What's with the pink lunchbox?"

Basil answered him, "I keep my lunch in it, sir."

The captain paused for a second, then "Carry on."

Also, he used to take Lady Bic disposible razors with him in the field. They were pink, too. He said that soldiers are notorious for always bumming supplies off each other, including razors. But they never "borrowed" one of his.

He also used to take Secret Solid (Powder Fresh Scent) to the field. They never bummed any of that off him either.

I asked him wasn't he worried about what others thought. He just smiled. That boy ain't right.

Anyway, when he started up his blog in December, it looked a lot like this. Along and along, he made a couple of changes to it. But it still looked kinda fruity.

When he changed it in January, it had colors that sort of looked like Army colors. In fact, he said he based it on a color scheme called "Army" or something. It looked like a guy blog. I liked it.

But now, he's gone and changed his colors. I don't know why he decided to do that. He's been real happy and exicted with how well he thinks his blog is doing. So, since it's doing okay, he changes it.

What a dumbass.

But, not only did he change it, he changed it to some sissy-looking colors. He's got that green across the top which ain't too bad, but then go goes with the lime sherbet colors in the outside columns. I mean, what's up with that?

I'm not too happy with his new colors. But it ain't my blog. I'm just a guest here. So, I guess I can put up with it. I mean, if you people can stand it, I guess I can too.

It still looks fruity.

Basil tells me he's got positive feedback from folks about the new layout and colors. Mostly from girls, though a couple of guys have said something positive. But, mostly, girls like the girly colors.

Hey! Wait a second! He's getting compliments from chicks? Hmmmm. Maybe he's smarter than he looks.

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  1. I likey the new look...and it doesn't make you look fat, either!

  2. Beth:
    Thanks! I appreciate that.

  3. Next time you get up this way, Cousin Red, howsabout bringing me some chicken sammiches and a case of Coors.

    I like this new look. It ain't fruity or sissy, in my opinion. That seafoam looking green is easy on the eyes. and having 3 columns is cool, too. Very easy to navigate.

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  5. I like the new look too. But would like to hear more about the army ;)

  6. I think I done told all the good Army stories on him. Unless there's some from when he was in Korea. But he might not talk about that.

    Unless you're talking about him being spotted in the gay bar in Savannah. By another soldier. He'll have to tell that one. I'd hate to get some facts wrong.


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