Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Animal Lover

White Trash WednesdaysI was speaking with Basil the other day, and he told me that wife of his has gone and done it again.

Done what?

Well, she's an animal lover. She's got goats. And chickens. And ducks.

She used to have a turkey. And a peacock. And one of those rat-dogs.

But she's got her the goats, chickens, and ducks now. Freakin' Green Acres, I like to tell Basil.

Anyhow, I was sayin' she's gone and done it again. Got her another animal.

Actually, it's their grandson, who's five years old, who got the animal. But he leaves it with "Mee-Mee and Papa." So, it's like, really their pig.

Or hers.

Yep. A pig.

Not just any pig, but a Vietnamese Potbelly Pig. Named "Susie." Their grandson named it, I think.

Oh, did I say they have a pig? Well, that's not actually true. They have two. Seems the lady the pig came from had another. So, the grandson got it too.

So, they got two Vietnamese Potbelly Pigs.

Yep, Basil's wife is an animal lover.

But the good kind.

Not like this guy:


  1. "Gullette's own sister caught him violating her animal"

    No comment

  2. 'Ol Austin is a regular fig plucker, I mean....

    Not only is it a crime against nature, as ugly as he is, it is also animal abuse.

    Maybe they ought to put him in the gay weightlifters section of the prison after they have seen "Deliverance". At least he will have memorized the pertinent part of the dialogue.

  3. Don, Joe:
    I shall refrain from commenting. I will not try to hog all the glory.


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