Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Headline News 2006-06-14

From CNN:
Marine: Music video about killing Iraqis a joke
Doesn't understand that military only defends free speech, but not allowed to practice it

From CNN:
Winkler denies murdering preacher husband
Fonzie's gay marriage suffers loss

From CNN:
Study: Warming turns bears into cannibals
'Donner Party Bears' species found

From CNN:
FEMA cards bought diamonds, erotica
New Orleans residents look forward to next hurricane

From KMGH:
Man convicted of stabbing teen 80 times
One over limit

From CNN:
Beach Boys bury the hatchet
Hatchet joins half the group in being buried

From CNN:
Noted conductor dies at 73
Engineer, brakeman remember co-worker

From ABC News:
Who's Counting: Jesus' Descendants
2000 years later, count remains at zero

From ABC News:
Sci-Fi Channel ponders 'Doomsday' scenarios
Airing Friday: "Democrats In Charge"

From ABC News:
Warner Wants Hearings on Haditha
Disney, MGM also plan cartoons

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