Thursday, June 29, 2006

Headline News 2006-06-29

From CNN:
Star Jones Reynolds leaving 'The View'
Planet returns to standard orbit

From CNN:
Trafficked women's symptoms akin to torture victims'
Bush blamed

From CNN:
Katrina looters get 15 years in prison
To be released during next flood

From CNN:
Britney Spears poses nude for cover
Magazine to be renamed "Harper's Bizarre"

From WDIV:
Five people shot in Detroit
Slow news day

From KCCI:
99-year-old earns high school diploma
To leave job as Wal-Mart greeter, qualifies for the counter at McDonald's

From KFOX:
Mailman narrowly escapes out of control driver
Will be thinking of that driver when he shoots up post office

From KETV:
High school probes alleged teacher parodies
Students can learn to call attorney, but not count to 10

From CNN:
Obama to Democrats: Woo evangelicals
Thinks Jerry Falwell is "a hottie"

From CNN:
Yates killed kids to save them, defense says
Residents buy rope, offer to "save" her

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