Saturday, July 2, 2005

Things That Make Me Tired

Friday night, following the ballgame, I was unable to post because TypePad was down for maintenance. And the maintenance was extended. And extended some more. So, being tired (as in worn out from a long day) and things making me tired (as in tired -- losing patience -- of such things), I fell asleep.

Thinking about this, I'm going to offer a list of Things That Make Me Tired (or Things I'm Tired Of):

  • Long days.

  • Extended maintenance periods.

  • Rain delays.

  • Bad calls by umpires.

  • One-run losses.

  • Maintenance periods during prime time.

  • Stupid liberals.

  • Stupid conservatives.

  • Moderates.

  • Diets.

  • Fixing other people's messes.

  • Wrong numbers.

  • Neighbor's dogs taking a crap in the yard.

  • Neighbor's dogs getting into the trash.

  • People not thinking I'm serious when I say I'll shoot the damn dogs.

  • Missing deadlines.

  • Sleeping too long.

  • Waking up tired.

  • Bloggers who post lame-ass lists in an attempt to cover they haven't prepared a post and they're running late.

So, what makes you tired? Or what are you tired of? Leave a comment here. Or, if you post your own list, link to this one and leave a TrackBack.

  • People who leave TrackBacks but don't link.

Sorry, but that came to mind. What comes to your mind?


  1. Tired

    Basil mentioned being Tired of stuff in general and posted a list. Some of the items on his list sounded really familiar to me:

    Long Days
    Stupid Liberals

    So I got to thinking about stuff that makes me tired, or so mad I get tired. ...

  2. I agree with all of yours. I'm too tired to think of any new ones. Damn.

  3. People who park right up front of a store and block the doorway and disrupt everyone else, then say "calm down, I's just runnin' right in'll be a'ight"

    I'm tired of those a-holes.

  4. Dash:
    LOL! Thanks.

    Yes!! Good one!

  5. How did your site get put back up in its entirety by typepad? Still waiting for the right half of mine to come back up. Really tired of it.

  6. Maybe they're doing it alphabetically?

  7. Things That Make Me Tired And Chap My Ass To Boot

    A couple weeks ago, basil made a post about things that make him tired. It inspired me to make a list too. After all, My blog didn't get a title with "woes" in it for nothing. I love to bitch and complain. I wouldn't be happy, otherwise.


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