Saturday, July 2, 2005

Why I Want IMAO To BlogRoll Me

On occasion, I piss, whine, and moan about IMAO not adding me to their BlogRoll. And while some of it is in fun, some of it isn't.

IMAO is one of the funniest sites that's ever been. When it was just Frank J. posting there, it was awesome. Now that he's added some of my favorite bloggers to his team (or harum, I'm not sure), the site is still awesome.

No, it's not the same IMAO it was as a solo project, but it's still cream of the crop. Not saying it's better. Not saying it's worse. Just saying it's a little different, but, in my mind, it went from number one to ... number one.

An example of the different humor, but the high quality of humor, is here. That's good stuff.

So, if you've added this little blog to your BlogRoll, please don't think I'm not appreciative. I am. And I hope I've expressed it. But, IMAO was the first humor blog that really kept me coming back. So, IMAO will always be one of those "special" blogs. And things like Cadet Happy's posts show why it earns it's special place in my heart every day.

Oh, before I forget: If Frank J. doesn't BlogRoll me, I'll have Tom Cruise turn him into a newt.

UPDATE: Frank J. is no longer a newt.

He added basil's blog to the IMAO BlogRoll! Thank you!!


  1. Challenge accepted! We shall lobby on your behalf.

  2. Do you know when was the last time I logged into Took me ten tries to get in, because the login used an e-mail address I haven't used for years and couldn't remember what it was.

    You better feel special.

  3. Now I do! Thank you! I'm speechless. So I'll hush now.

  4. Kudos basil! Your name looks mighty fine on IMAO's blogroll!

    Now, who's next? Michelle Malkin and Frank have rolled ya. Howsabout..Arianna Huffington?

    No? Ha! ;)

  5. Huffington's Toast, yes. Huffington Post, no.

  6. IMAO is definitely one of the best I've seen. Congrats!

  7. linkwhoring
    Feel free, anyone and everyone, to blogroll me as well. No serious blogroll would be complete without the prestige of having blogrolled the Feisty Republican Whore.

  8. Okay, you heard her. And if you don't, she might let slip that she has pictures ...

  9., now baby basil with the hot 'n bothered lower-case action: those pictures were meant for you and you only.

  10. Oh. Then I should get them back from Drudge, shouldn't I?

  11. Matty-poo already has some in his personal collection direct from me. I'm not worried. Very much.


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