Friday, April 8, 2005

Headline News: 4/8/2005

From CNN:
Royal couple to acknowledge 'sins'
Listing them all may delay wedding even longer

From ABC News:
Pope Funeral a Windfall for Rome Merchants
Hope next Papal funeral doesn't take another 26 years

From ABC News:
Bush Regrets U.S. Shooting of Italian
Says troops should have just 'whupped her and sent her on her way'

From ABC News:
Martinez: Schiavo Memo Was From My Office
Fake memo was least funny April Fool gag since "It'sAPundit" and the "firing" of Paul from Wizbang

From ABC News:
More Than Second-Rate Country Music
What we've wanted since 1982, but still haven't been able to find anywhere

From ABC News:
Professor Accused of Stealing Manure
Glenn Reynolds defends: "I only link to the stuff; Read the Terms of Use."

From ABC News:
25-Foot Inflatable Gorilla Stolen in Wash.
King Kong's love doll missing

From ABC News:
DeLay's Lavish Island Getaway
Defends: When political career ends, will replace Bob Barker on "The Price Is Right"

From ABC News:
Co. Finds Loophole on '.pro' Web Names
Another top level domain to add to your spam black-list

From CNN:
SI Swimsuit Gallery: Venus Williams
No joke here; Just wanted to see the pictures

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