Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Headline News 2005-06-29

From CNN:
Inner-city students learn the art of debate
Proper response to "Your momma's so fat..." being taught

From CNN:
Discover Denver from 16th Street
Life as a $500 hooker

From CNN:
Internet crashes in Pakistan
Suffers bruises, treated and released

From CNN:
Reporters remain in contempt over secret sources
Also held in contempt by public for being low-life weasels

From CNN:
Bush to make case for Iraq
It's a good case. It's a FENDI.

From KPRC:
Schools to crack down on phone cheating
To follow Columbus, GA lead and ban calls from parents in Iraq

From CNN:
Canada set to OK same-sex marriage
Moose in Canada so ugly, other men starting to look good

From ABC News:
Hacker Posts Crack for Google Software
Google smoking crack if they thought this wouldn't happen

From ABC News:
Assemblyman Calls Constituents 'Idiots'
Cites proof: "They elected me, didn't they?"

From ABC News:
Activists want fish off aquarium menu
Comprise allows them to fish off bridge

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