Monday, June 13, 2005

Headline News: 6/13/2005

From ABC News:
Michael Jackson Acquitted of All Charges
When asked his plans, singer said "I'm taking a twelve-year-old to Disneyland!"

From ABC News:
Identical Twin Brothers Could Lead Poland
Now we know how many it takes

From ABC News:
Woman Wins $1M Lottery for 2nd Time in '05
Second luckiest person in America, behind Michael Jackson

From ABC News:
Grieving 9/11 Widow Spends Almost $5 Million
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Court Denounces Race Bias in Picking Jury
Impact of all-white jury in Michael Jackson trial uncertain

From ABC News:
United Airlines ducks strike
Geese cross picket line

From ABC News:
Microsoft Censors Blogs at Chinese Portal
Banned phrases include "democracy," "human rights," "Taiwan independence," and "Firefox"

From ABC News:
Earth's big, hot cousin found around nearby star
If you've ever thought your cousin ... or the planet's cousin ... was "hot," you might be a redneck astronomer

From ABC News:
NASA sees earliest manned moon landing in 2015
Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin surprised by the news

From ABC News:
Topical Cream Helps Women With Arousal Disorder
Works best when rubbed in with small, quick, circular motions


  1. MoeBetta Headlines 06/13/05

    MoeBetta Headlines 06/13/05

  2. It's That Time Again...

    for more headline funny, please visit basil's, Moe's, and Dane's sites.

    and, a new headline junkie, The Capitalist, has found his voice...

  3. Gold! Not one lame one in the batch.

    The Polish brothers and the Earth's cousin are... worth stealing damn it.

    This has become a daily stop.

  4. I heard about the gal going through the $5Mil ... I mean, I love to shop, and the CSM gets upset with the times I stay on the QVC channel -- but $5Mil in 4 years???? I can't even do that -- even in shoes and purses!!


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