Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Headline News: 6/22/2005

From ABC News:
Man Wakes Up With a Bullet in His Tongue
Dreamt he was Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon

From ABC News:
Man Falls Asleep During 18th DWI Arrest
Promises to stay awake, invite judge that keeps letting him off to his 20th

From ABC News:
Bush spurned secret 2002 N. Korea overture-report
President criticised for not reaching an agreement that North Korea could break

From AJC:
Lions Rescue, Guard Beaten Ethiopian Girl
Kiwanis Club responds: "They are always looking for publicity"

From AJC:
Man accused of hiding body in mortuary
Police call recovery of body 'a huge undertaking'

From ABC News:
What Ever Happened to Michael Jackson?
Nothing, he's always been that way

From ABC News:
Winn-Dixie to Close 35 Pct. of Its Stores
In addition, dog to be sent to the pound

From CNN:
Citadel selects new president
Bush to appeal to Supreme Court

From CNN:
Alabama still cleaning up where Ivan hit
Taking so long because much of state looked that way already

From CNN:
Defense: Killen a 'bystander' in the Klan
Claim he was useless, even as White Trash

From WCVB:
Police: Boys confess to cemetery vandalism
Youth faces grave consequences

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