Sunday, June 12, 2005

Headline News: 6/12/2005

From ABC News:
Hurricanes Explained
Gators, Seminoles still a mystery

From ABC News:
Mild Earthquake Shakes California Desert
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Howard Dean Renews Attacks on Republicans
Still not taking his medications

From CNN:
African leaders to press Bush on aid
Demand reparations for NOT being sold into slavery

From Metro Toronto:
Venezuela's Chavez blames Bush for Bolivia crisis
Chavez to challenge Dean as head of DNC

From San Jose Mercury News:
Pakistan official: no terror facilities
Official: Facilities are being used by Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus

From Lexington Dispatch:
Tyson Endures Ignominious End to Career
Won't issue statement until he finds out what "ignominious" means

From Reuters AlertNet:
Transparency is key to debt deal - UK's Brown
Will write off debt in return for cloaking device

From Webindia123:
In royal women, Camilla ranks 4th
Camilla behind Queen, Princess Anne, Michael Fawcett

From ABC News:
When the News Is Wrong
It's normal


  1. MoeBetta Headlines 06/12/05

    MoeBetta Headlines 06/12/05

  2. Laffland Memo: Illegal Or Undocumented?

    Laffland Memo: Illegal Or Undocumented?

  3. Chavez vs Dean...heh!

    All good, but the cloaking device got me!

    Good stuff, Dude!


  4. Fantastic stuff as always, Basil! That one about Tyson made me laugh so hard, my innards feel like one of those thousand-finger vibratin' beds in a $8 motel on prom night!

  5. Weekend

    Basil's Blog: Headline News Terriorists: Darwin, Fax Your Office Nickie Goomba: Howard Dean: "Republicans are Child Molesters and Rapists" Scrappleface: Army Offers New Recruiting Incentive: Duty Owner's Manual: Mankind's Earliest Union Featherbedding...

  6. african leaders...HA! and the rest were also up to your usual standard of funniness.

  7. Thank you all. I appreciate it.


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