Sunday, June 12, 2005

Catfish: Another Road Win

The Catfish won their third road game in a row today, beating the Kannapolis Intimidators (White Sox) 11-7. The Catfish had 18 hits, a season high, in the win.

Our two players had good games today. Dan Batz and Lucas May each had a hit and scored a run, and Luke had three RBIs. Dan also had some great defensive plays at first.

With the win, the Catfish are guaranteed at least a split in the four-game series, and can win the series outright with a victory Monday or Tuesday.


  1. Thanks!

    Oh, I didn't mention this, but it's a doggone shame that, this morning, someone can find more coverage of the Catfish here on this little blog than on the Columbus newspaper's Web site. Plus, what you do find will be under "Colleges" in the sports section.

    The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer. Losers.


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