Saturday, June 18, 2005

Headline News: 6/18/2005

Ralph Nader: I Felt Like A Nigger
Wife sighs: "If only..."

From CNN:
Parents unite against military recruiting
Argue: "I mean, it's not like the military ever did anything for us"

From CNN:
Cruise, Holmes engaged to marry
Tom Cruise, Kyle Bradford hope this finally puts the gay rumors to rest

From WEWS:
Green spots mystery solved
It's Rabbititis! *

From CNN:
Bin Laden deputy sends message
Barney al-Fife says must "nip this freedom-thing in the bud"

From AJC:
Man who fled skinny-dipping arrest in golf cart sentenced
Will serve time at State Institute for the Really, Really Stupid

From ABC News:
Woolly Mammoth Closer to Asian Elephants
Hang out together, do each others hair

From ABC News:
Africanized Bees Spotted in SW Arkansas
Striped elsewhere

From ABC News:
Minnesota Mayors to Have Toilet Bowl Race
Towns flush with excitement

From ABC News:
Kangaroo on the Loose Near W. Va. Town
Area cats gang up to capture giant hopping mouse *


  1. MoeBetta Headlines 06/18/05

    MoeBetta Headlines 06/18/05

  2. That's hilarious stuff, Basil. Holy moly, that Ralph Nader one dang near made me choke! Then ya got Barney Fife following up. That's rich!


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