Thursday, June 30, 2005

Supper: 6/30/2005

Try one of these specials with your supper:
  • Right Wing Nut House is awaiting another speech.
  • Ogre defends the 2nd Amendment.
  • Texican Tattler finds Dilbert prophetic.
  • The Therapist has a guest column by Rosie. Yes, that Rosie.
  • Nzyme (Tursiops Times) discovers John Lennon was right. *
  • Jody (Steal the Bandwagon) hinted at a rant.
  • SondraK (Knowledge is Power) catches up with the Teletubbies.


  1. Saddam and Osama, Best Buds

    Whenever you hear the old saw that there was NO connection between Saddam Hussein's Iraq and Osama Bin Ladin and that we went to war with Iraq for the wrong reason, check out the facts at Saddam Hussein's Philanthropy of Terror by Deroy Murdock, Medi...

  2. Hmm... I linked to this post and sent a trackback about an hour and a half ago. Lost in the ether, I guess.

    Anyway, take a look at Iraqis in Mexico. Thanks!

  3. My Own Video Montage....Made by me!

    I was inspired by several video tributes I've seen online, and wanted to do something similar without covering the same old ground. So I made one with a slightly different theme. I like it (and for my very first video I'm proud of it so be nice...:) )....

  4. Iraqis in Mexico

    Two Iraqis were arrested in Mexico near the U.S. border yesterday. The Washington Times has a long story:
    The Mexican Attorney General's Office said Samir Yousif Shana and Munir Yousif Shana were taken into custody by Mexican federal agents, along wi...

  5. RGC:
    Sorry for the problems you encountered. I have also experienced issues trying to TrackBack other TypePad sites (such as this one). So much so that I often have to use one of the TrackBack forms that are linked at the top right column. I don't know why the normal submission process fails on occasion. Again, sorry for the problems you encountered.

  6. it's just a dirty rumor, basil, no rant here... ;) Thanks for the link, I do appreciate it.

  7. basil:

    No apology necessary, it's not a big deal.

    Thanks for the hint about TypePad sites and for pointing out your links to the standalone trackback forms. I'd read about the Wizbang form, but never needed it (or so I thought). Now I've bookmarked it.

    Of course, I'll have to remember to use it. :-)


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