Saturday, June 18, 2005

Why IMAO Won't Blogroll Me

Frank J., the genius behind IMAO, is also the brains behind the Alliance. And it's been a win-win situation for members of the Alliance, including this little blog. The exposure we've received as a member of the Alliance has been one of the main reasons we've had the success we've had. And, yes, I'm saying we've had success. You see, I never dreamed we'd have more than a handful of readers and certainly never more than a few other blogs link to us.

And many, many blogs have linked to us, bringing many, many readers to us. Sure, we don't have as many readers as lots of blogs, but the huge number of links ensures that we get a steady stream. Well, that and people using Google and Yahoo! to search for naked pictures of Jamie Lynn Spears.

But, while I am certainly appreciative of the many, many blogs who link to us, I'm also very grateful of the many blogs who have us on their BlogRoll. Those, above all else, are responsible for making sure we are visible to folks and have put us, at least for now, in the Top 100 of TTLB Ecosystem.

But despite my appreciation of the many who have added us to their BlogRoll, the blog that kept me coming back again and again, IMAO, has linked to us on occasion, but has not added us to their BlogRoll. And I really wished Frank J. would add us.

But he hasn't. And I wasn't sure why. Maybe he's been too busy. After all, he's not added The Flying SpaceMonkey Chronicles ... and SpaceMonkey blogs on IMAO! Plus, he has a link to Dave Barry's old blog that's not been updated since March 2004. So maybe Frank J. is too busy to keep his BlogRoll updated.

But, then again, he has added others. So, maybe there's another reason. Perhaps he doesn't think we have a good enough blog. Perhaps so. And perhaps he's right.

But, perhaps ... just perhaps ... it's something else.

Perhaps Frank J. is ... afraid of us? Perhaps so. Keep reading:

N. Z. Bear, who runs TTLB Ecosystem, has updated the look ... and functionality. He's added Communities. Including a community of The Alliance of Free Blogs.
Notice something about that listing? Now, I realize it may have changed since I posted this, but here's what it looked like the day I posted this:

So now we know why Frank J. won't BlogRoll us. His worst fears are coming to realization: Among Alliance members, he's already been surpassed ... by this little blog!

Watch out, Frank J. Maybe there's a revolution in progress. And while the revolution will not be televised, it will definitely be blogged.

UPDATE 6/19/2005: It's being blogged.


  1. Basil is bitter

    I just think basil is bitter. But at least I linked to him.

  2. Don't know who the flying space monkeys are either. BUT I do know about the ALLIANCE! See there, I do know something. LOL

  3. I have no idea what you are talking about. But more power to ya. I'm behind you basil. Love your blog, keep up the great work. Don't even know what IMAO is, is that a bad thing?

    I asked the ladies over at the Cotillion who was Kos and they laughed hysterically at me. LOL

    eh, whatever. But I did want to say THANKS for being here!!!!

  4. I appreciate that. And I wish I didn't know who Kos was. Consider that a blessing.

    But do check out the SpaceMonkey. He's great.

    And thanks again.

  5. I know it's not IMAO but *i* have you blogrolled. :-) Thanks for all of your good work!

  6. Hey, I appreciate the linkage. And I really appreciate the kind words.


  7. Buying ads for your site at IMAO probably helped, too :-)

    Oh, and the whole "having incredible writing talent" thing probably didn't hurt...

  8. Yes, I must say I got a lot of hits from those ads.

    And thank you for the kind words.

  9. basil,

    You need to see this! I saved you off a new screenshot I took from the Alliance rankings and would you believe... well see for your self.


    this is straight from the site... I didn't alter it.

  10. Oh, wow. That's unreal. And just so wrong.


  11. Mustang 23:
    It looks like whatever hiccup happened with the list has been fixed. I'm back down to number 2. Which still ain't right. But it is funny.

    Thanks again for capturing evidence of that anomaly!

  12. That wasn't an anomaly... it was perfect. GRIN.


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