Sunday, June 19, 2005

Headline News: 6/19/2005

From ABC News:
Six-Legged Puppy Found in Malaysia
Took forever to catch

From ABC News:
Father of the Modern Hybrid Car Dies
Half-man/Half-car was at his father's bedside

From ABC News:
After 6 Decades, Report on A-Bomb Found
Shocking report reveals A-Bomb responsible for death, destruction

From ABC News:
Wolfowitz Completes African Tour
Played to sellout crowds, live CD to be released

From ABC News:
Texas Lawmaker Pushes Anti-ID Theft Laws
Anti-IDs now safe

From ABC News:
Tsunami May Have Spread Alien Species
Natasha Henstridge runs rampant

From ABC News:
Many Men Suffer from 'Reverse Anorexia'
That explains my fat ass

From CNN:
Durbin regrets if Nazi remark was 'misunderstood'
Says experience makes him feel like a survivor of Auschwitz

From KSAT:
Woman's body found on porch
Identified as Griswold family's Aunt Edna *

From BBC:
California hit by fourth tremor
Bush blamed


  1. Weekend

    Nickie Goomba: Rock Star Hints: Bush May Not be the Anti-Christ Terriorists: Crouching Seagull, Hail of Crap Basil's Blog: Headline News Therapist: Senate Dems Hold Mock Election, Mock Landslide, In Partisan Conclave...

  2. I have been tagged!!

    Basil, I am tagging you. It sdeems this tag is making the rounds. Can't wait t see your responses.

  3. For those interested, here's the actual link to Hello Iraq's post that tagged me: link

  4. Six-legged puppy also found Here!


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