Wednesday, June 22, 2005

It's Official: I'm A Wingnut!

Now in case you're not familiar with the terminology, folks on the right will call extreme liberal/leftists "Moonbats." No, it's not a term of endearment.

Likewise, those on the left have their own little term for extreme conservative Right wingers: "Wingnuts." Likewise, it's not a term said as a compliment.

I'm right wing. Some consider me a wingnut. As proof, they look at my BlogRoll. When they see Michelle Malkin and other conservatives, they see that as proof that I'm a wingnut. They ignore the admittedly few liberal blogs on my BlogRoll, such as aTypicalJoe and Julie with a B. And rightly so. I'm conservative. I admit it. I'm proud of it. But those liberal blogs are quality blogs and worthy of reading. As are, in my opinion, the conservative blogs on my BlogRoll.

So, let me summarize: Some consider me a wingnut because I have Michelle Malkin on my BlogRoll. Well, there is now absolute proof that I'm a wingnut. Not only is Michelle Malkin on my BlogRoll ...

Michelle Malkin has added me to her BlogRoll!


I want to write that again!

Michelle Malkin has added me to her BlogRoll!

I still can't believe it. But there's a screenshot on the right. And I've circled it. And I still can't believe it.

Funny thing is, I've been bitching and moaning about IMAO not adding me to their BlogRoll. Nothing against others who have me on their rolls, but IMAO has a special place in my heart, and being added to that roll would be special.

And after all my whining, I find out that a bigger blog ... top three Ecosystem, top 10 hits/vistors ... has added me to her BlogRoll!

I can think of three possible reasons:
  1. Michelle thinks this little blog is worthy of reading on an at-least-occasional basis. This is the most unlikely scenario.
  2. Michelle is doing Frank J. a favor and adding me so I'll shut the hell up about him. This is also quite unlikely.
  3. Someone on her staff added me as a joke and Michelle knows nothing about it. This is the most likely scenario.
Even though it seems to me that Michelle knows nothing about it, this little blog will reap the benefits of being on the BlogRoll of a major player like Michelle Malkin.

Let's keep it our little secret.

Yes, I know that with posts like this I may come across as "Oooh! Look at me! I'm great!"

Rest assured, that is not the case. Like I mentioned in the comments below, think of me more like a kid at Christmas, finding an unexpected but very welcome present under the tree.


  1. wow. now Frank should be really Jealous

  2. and let me add a WOO-HOO!!!!, a YEEEEHAWWW, and a Dude, that's like totally cool while i'm here.

    you earned it.

  3. insert exclamation point after "cool" on last comment...:)

  4. And then there is the possibility that you have a good site that she likes. I'm going with that option. Congrats.

    btw, I once emailed her with an important on-topic tip that she blogged about. Not so much as a FOAD note.

  5. Mustang 23:
    You know, if he cared, he would be.

    Thanks! I appreciate it.

    Maybe she should read Harvey's blogging tips.

  6. You left out option e: the conspiracy that all right wing blogs are penned by a group of monkeys trained by Karl Rove.

    Or it could be option f: Where she finally got around to realizing you weren't a stalker when you volunteered to be her editor. Okay, maybe you are a stalker, however your sincerity to be her editor was never questioned.

    Congrats (and per the right wing talking points memo we realize it actually option k, but I'm not telling if you aren't).

  7. Should we start a campaign with like a website dedicated to getting basil and Frank J's blogroll and one of the count up timers saying how long it has been since basil advertised but didn't get on the blog roll that we can all put on our sites and stuff like that

    on second thought... I think we just say "screw him" :)

  8. Now there isn't even a chance that if I blog about something more significant you'll come by more often, what with your big head and all . . . :) *that deserves too smilies* :)

  9. phin:
    When you say Karl Rove [howling of wolves], say it with your eyes lowered and in a reverent manner.

    Mustang 23:
    A count-down (-up?) similar to the Kerry/SF-180 thing would be cute! I'd almost hate to see what kind of graphics phin came up with.

    As for the last comment, you're confusing him with Kos. ... But, come to think of it, Frank J. and Kos have never been seen together in public. You don't think ... ??? Nah.

  10. Oddybobo:
    Oh, no! Have I been ignoring you? You know in your heart I don't mean to. I beg your forgivness.

    And I certainly don't mean to come across as having a 'big head.' Think of me more like a kid at Christmas, finding an unexpected but very welcome present under the tree.

  11. Congrats! You lucky, lucky guy... :-)

    *green with jealousy*

  12. Hans Mast:
    Yes, yes I am. And thank you.

  13. Hmmmm?

    Kos and Frank J... Frank J and Kos... never seen them in one place. could it be possible. maybe. :)

  14. Congratulations. Enjoy the happy dance. You've earned it.

  15. I was kidding about the "big head" thing. And I saw you posted a comment about the URL question and my mailbox. I just like to tease you!

  16. Headline News

    In light of basil getting blogrolled (Congrats basil!) by Michelle Malkin (60,000 hits a day), I thought that if I imitated basil's staple feature, Headline News, maybe *I* could get blogrolled by Michelle Malkin. I was also encouraged by this comment ...

  17. Shameless Filler Post

    Since I'm watching 'Raymond' and my brain is frazzled, I ain't got nothin' interesting or witty to say right now. But, lots of other fine folks do. So I'm gonna show ya the latest good reads from these excellent blogs.

  18. I saw that a couple nights ago (well,early Wednesday morning just after midnight) and I figured it couldn't have happened to a better fella. Makes me proud to know ya, basil!

    I'd almost feel high class, if it weren't for these coupons and budget cards what clog my wallet.

  19. Thanks!

    By the way, I saw it Wednesday and I was floored. I saw her home page as a referrer site and that's when I discoverd she added this little blog. I was so excited, I called the wife and told her. And she knew who Michelle Malkin is. The wife doesn't read any blogs (not even her husband's!), but she does watch Fox News, and she knows Michelle Malkin from there.

    Like I said, I was a kid at Christmas.

    Thanks again.

  20. Good deal, Basil, you wingnut you!!

    Maybe I am biased, but moonbat sounds a little more deranged then wingnut, don't ya think?

  21. Teach moonbat used to sound a whole lot more deranged then they went and issued basil his official wingnut membership card and thought him the secret handshake.

  22. The way they have been acting as of late, need to find a new word. Maybe insanaloons.


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