Saturday, June 25, 2005

Brunch: 6/25/2005

Try one of these specials with your weekend brunch:

  • Soldier's Angel needs your help.

  • Confederate Looks at Google News and its sources.

  • Beth's (MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy) writer's block is over, and she vents.

  • Harvey (Bad Example version) blogs with a purpose.

  • moehawk (oystersnout) passes day ten. Go show your support.

  • Oddybobo places blame ... and a warning ... regarding the SCOTUS decision.

  • Jeff H. (Think Sink) had a Yahoo! search catch his eye.

  • Mustang 23 (Assumption of Command) reports activity in the war after a brief respite.

  • VW (One Happy Dog Speaks) has a blog wrap-up. Ignore the wording on the first item.

  • Jo's Cafe offers Saturday Specials.


  1. Hi Basil. I'm a new blogger & I just installed trackback. I am not sure if I linked to you correctly. The title of the post is "My people are American". I'd be thrilled if you'd add me to the brunch menu. This is my trackback URL.

    Apologies for the trouble,

  2. NYgirl:
    No trouble. TrackBacks can get some getting used to.

    The link to your post is

    To use HaloScan and TrackBack this post, here's how:

    Log on to HaloScan, click 'Manage Trackback' then 'Send A Trackback Ping'

    Fill out the form:

    Your Blog Name: NYgirl

    Your Permalink

    Your Post Title: My people are American

    Your Excerpt: This could be an excerpt from your post, or a summary, or anything

    URLs to Ping:

    Note the URL to Ping is the TrackBack URL of MY POST. You see, to TrackBack, you need the TrackBack URL of the post you're pinging, not the TrackBack URL of your post.

    And that should do it. Note that many blogs, including this one, request a link in exchange for 'Open TrackBacks' (here, we call it the 'Covered Dish Special' to stay with the mealtime theme).

    Hope this helps.

  3. "My people are American"

    Despite the rantings of La Raza & Co, opposition to illegal immigration is not an expression on racism, & not all Americans of Hispanic descent favor unrestricted immigration. The County Commissioner of Canyon County, Idaho, Robert Vasquez, the grand...

  4. Hi Basil. I followed your instructions & HaloScan said pinging was successful.

    It would be a pleasure to link to you. I'll do it right now. Thanks a bunch. You're the best.

  5. I just posted a link. Hope I did it right.

  6. Wow, Basil! You've got hot chicks just dying to link to you. You're like some kind of blogging Elvis :-)

  7. NYgirl:
    I'm glad it worked. Thanks for adding your post to the "menu" for the meal.

    And, gosh, all I was really asking for in return was nothing more than adding "linked at basil's blog" or something at the end of your "My people are American" post ... then you go and dedicate an entire post to me! Wow! Thanks! I certainly didn't expect that. But it's much, much appreciated.

    Thank you.

  8. Harvey:
    See how well your blogging tips work?!


  9. "Mom" needs a little "TLC"

    Her best friend lost one of their children in a very trgaic manner.

  10. The Death of a brother

    Michael has lost one of his brothers in arms. Please offer him your support. Apparently he was killed by a sniper.

  11. A Hero Heals - Jeffrey's Update - 6/05

    Since the last update that was sent out, Jeffrey’s progress has continued to be somewhat slow.

    This has been due in large part to another necessary surgery that was performed here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. That procedure took pla...


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