Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Headline News: 6/15/2005

From ABC News:
Giant Catfish to Be Released in Cambodia
Team will get player to be named later

From ABC News:
Fox News looks ready to take on the world
Red Sox look ready for 2004 baseball season

From New York Timex:
Finding Nirvana on Two Wheels
Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl join biker club

From Washington Post:
Destiny's Child Announces Split to MTV
Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams will tour with Andrew Ridgeley, John Oates next spring

From BBC:
eBay to ban Live 8 ticket sales
Human body parts, shuttle wreckage still available

From ABC News:
Eddie Murphy Set to Sing in 'Dreamgirls'
Murphy, Shalomar to sing duet

From ABC News:
Man Casts Single Vote on Ore. Referendum
Democrats demand recount

From ABC News:
Another Twist in Holloway Disappearance
Chubby Checker questioned

From ABC News:
Guantanamo Inmates Can Be Held 'In Perpetuity' -U.S
Camp Perpetuity to open in July

From ABC News:
After Tsunami, Mothers Want More Children
Must be something in the water

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  1. Wednesday

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