Monday, July 11, 2005

Don't Trust Whitey

NZ BearAt least, don't trust that white bear. You know, NZ Bear.

Well, that's not fair. I should be saying don't trust this morning's version of NZ Bear's TTLB Ecosystem.

Something is again screwed up in the Ecosystem. I blame Halliburton.

I'm not sure what has caused the entire Ecosystem to be all screwy this morning. You got some Web site no one ever heard of at the top called "Painless Self Promotion." No, don't link to it yourself. If you want to offer links to it, use my special Link-Stealing Method by copying the link I used just now. Okay, maybe you shouldn't use that method. But who would you rather give the link to, me or them?

Anyway, as I was saying, it's all screwed up.

How else would you explain this little blog being in the status of "Mortal Human?"

This blog?

Yep, this blog!

Just look at this capture from my sidebar this morning.

See? It says "Mortal Human."

Oh, that other? Turns out that this little blog is in the Ecosystem twice. Once under the old URL ( and once with the current URL (

Anyway, this little blog shows up as a "Mortal Human." That's top 30. And no, it's not right.

Especially when you consider that the number of links to this little blog has decreased.

Despite the drop in links, something screwy as caused this little blog ... both listings, both URLs ... to rise. All the way to Mortal Human.

Oh, I know. NZ Bear takes a lot of pride in running a good system. And he'll figure it out and fix it. And this little blog will drop back down to more reasonable levels. Although I'm still amazed that anybody links to it at all. But some folks who have nothing better to do, or on a dare, I'm not sure which, link to this little blog.

So, things will fix themselves. And soon, I hope, so that the blogs that are deserving of such a lofty perch will return to their rightful place.

But, in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the heck out of this aberration.


  1. Same thing for me to. Except my links dropped by like 150 or something. Maybe NZ is having trouble reading the blogrolls or something, cause I know you've linked me - but yet you are not showing up in my top incoming links. Maybe we should create a new ecosytem to measure our egos...

  2. Gosh, you think there's enough room on the Internet for something that large?

  3. You're still a mortal human in my book, Basil.

    Anytime I'm ranked incorrectly high, I always take it as a glimpse into the world as it should be.

  4. If we all jump higher, who's going lower? I jumped by 1000 places today. I've never seen a basil's blog link in my list of links, but I think my link total goes up correctly. That whole "click here to see all links" thing has yet to work either. Oh well. I'm special no matter what, so said my mom in a drunken stupor.

  5. a4g:
    Thanks. Like you, I'm just going to enjoy this hiccup.

  6. Feisty:
    Yeah, there are little things here and there that don't always work as expected in the Ecosystem. However, I ask myself: "Self," I say, "could you do any better?"

    I have yet to respond. But I know I could not do what NZ Bear has done, hiccups and all.

  7. No crap. I'm pretty excited I can BOLD things or italicize things all by myself.

    --Feisty [who incidentally currently has a programming question out on Blogger Forum..If anyone is REALLY bored, please help!]


  8. I think he has a random number generator in there that, every now and then, randomly selects a blog to catapult to the people will link to him. It's an evil plot, I just haven't discovered how Evil Glennn is involved yet...

  9. I wonder if Harvey has noticed? Or thought about it?

    Hmmm. This could be an interesting Alliance assignment, if he has...

  10. Hell .. my ranking is BLANK!!! I know my blog sucks to high heaven and ranks in the bottom feeder area, but geez, I'm proud of what I got ...

    Looks like I'm going to have to start thinking up evil glen lies :(

  11. Feisty:
    I'm sure someone owes you a favor or two and can help.

  12. Joe:
    I'm sure NZ Bear will have it fixed soon.

    I'm hoping TypePad gets things fixed. I'm unable to post my lunch listing. And having a heckuva time just replying to comments.

  13. I moved sites and I have delayed changing my ecosystem url because I'm not sure my ego could bear being slime again...

  14. My rank keeps swinging back and forth from the high 200s to high 500s. It's very emotional and disturbing for me. Can I have a hug? Ha!

    Hey basil, ya oughta create an Alliance for those of us with ..*ahem*..larger than average egos. Maybe something like 'The Alliance of Narcissistic Bloggers', or something like that. Hmmm...

  15. Hey, thanks for the DCTERMS tip, Basil. I'm about to jump ship from Blogger and have been dreading the soul-destroying drop in rank. At least now there's hope...

  16. a4g:
    Glad to know that I'm of some use.

  17. Thanks basil, I will give it a try...tomorrow...let me enjoy being a mammal one more day, ok? :)

  18. jody:
    I hope it works for you.

  19. Man, I have changed species more often than I have changed the TV channel in the last while since his 'upgrade'. I would send an email ... but the addy is bunk. Sooo ... I will content myself with being a shape shifter till he figures out WTF is going on.

  20. Yeah, NZ Bear has a good thing going, but like anything good, it has a few growing pains from time to time. Right now, I'm the beneficiary. When he gets all the kinks worked out, I'll be back down like I should be...


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