Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Headline News: 7/6/2005

From CNN:
O'Connor departure stirs Bork memories
Still more pleasant than Bjork memories

From CNNmoney:
American Dream: The dark side
Dusty Rhodes, Emperor Palpatine join forces *

From CNN:
Sex killer walks free and into TV studio
Greta van Susteren's past catches up with her

From CNN:
Miss Universe takes HIV test
Stayed up all night studying

From CNN:
Mexican blacks demand stamp apology
Stamp still refuses to apologize

From CNN:
Rapper Lil' Kim gets 366 days in prison
Should have lied to grand jury about sex, would have been voted 7th greatest American

From CNN:
A woman who sees dead people
Works at mortuary

From CNN:
Slow walking may be better for obese
Seeing as it's the only kind of walking fat folks can do...

From CNN:
Scientists: Bird flu could migrate with birds
... according to the Center For The Extremely Obvious

From CNN:
Dino track found in Denali National Park
Frankie, Sammy tracks still being sought


  1. My comment for the "Dinosaur Track Found" headline:

    NASCAR immediately announces addition of "T Rex 250" to 2006 season schedule.

  2. That's a lot better than what I had.

  3. Wednesday

    Wizbang: What's a Good Environut To Do? It's a Pundit: The Pinelawn Road Memo Basil's Blog: Headline News Terriorists: Stupid Ideas Whose Time Will Never Come Nickie Goomba: BREAKING NEWS Goober Queen: Ways to Get Rid of Mean Sisters...

  4. Explosions cripple London Transit System

    Cnn is reporting that a series of about six explosions brought London's subway and transit system to a halt.


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