Thursday, June 15, 2006

Headline News 2006-06-15

From ABC News:
Princess Margaret's Cigarette Case Fetches $187,000 at Auction
Not quite enough to pay for lung cancer treatments

From ABC News:
Suitcase-Cash May Not Help Palestinians
Congress willing to help

From ABC News:
Iran Bans The Economist for Reference to 'Gulf'
Still okay to reference 'Chevron,' 'Exxon'

From ABC News:
Cleric Calls on Bush to Convert to Islam
As alternative, asks Methodists to crash planes into buildings

From ABC News:
Chuck Berry documentary shows dark side of rock legend
Follow-up to show light side of Vanilla Ice

From ABC News:
Charges Against Kate Moss Ruled Out
Replay shows tag was missed

From ABC News:
Bush Speechwriter Leaves Post After 7 Yrs.
Turns out Bush really is articulate

From ABC News:
Former President Clinton Made $7.5 M in 2005
Whored himself out

From ABC News:
After Sunglasses Gaffe, Bush Apologizes to Legally Blind Reporter
Finds himself repeating apology to deaf reporter

From ABC News:
Discovery Crew Has Practice Countdown
Count Von Count teaching astronaunts their numbers


  1. Thursday's...

    The Right Place: Ms. American Spy Hot Air: Fitzmas Fizzles (Hat Tip: The Right Place) Scrappleface: Kennedy: Vote Shows 93 Senators Out of Mainstream Basil's Blog: Headline News Point Five: Pelosi Unveils 2006 Theme, A "New Direction": Zorth! Cox.....

  2. "Princess Margaret's Cigarette Case Fetches $187,000 at Auction"

    How myuch am I bid for Prince Albert in a can?


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