Monday, June 19, 2006

Picnic 2006-06-19

Today's picnic basket of items from my blogroll.

  • Dr. Phat Tony had the perfect Father's Day gift.

  • Jan Bussey (CascadeExposures) watched Puget Sound go from gray to color.

  • Fmragtops learned the hard way about making your bed and lying in it.

  • Macker went to the movies.

  • Little Orange Fox (The Outlaw Republican) is not a fan of the Dixie Chicks.

  • Random Yak shares some fatherly wisdom.

  • Gun-Toting Liberal says the slave trade is thriving.

  • Kevin (EckerNet) talks with an employer of illegal aliens.

  • Jo (Jo's Cafe) has begun the countdown.

  • Dyre Portents says Kim Jong Il doesn't want to be ronery.


  1. Conservative Leaders to Bush: Listen to Your Party, Borders First...

    Wash Times: Top conservative leaders have written President Bush telling him to drop his insistence on a guest-worker program and a path to citizenship for illegal aliens and instead support the 85 percent of congressional Republicans who want to tigh...

  2. The Knucklehead of the Day award...

    Today's winner is the Palm Beach Post editorial board....

  3. Who Are Illinois Politicians Working For?...

    Attending yesterday's Illinois Freedom Run highlighted a glaring disparity regarding the priorities of Illinois politicians. I figure you can tell what's ......

  4. Darn right I don't !

    =^_^= Thanks. I knew I'd make that picnic one day!

  5. [...] Hat tip Jo’s Cafe, by way of Basil, but indirectly. [...]

  6. Gore: Houston Flood Earth's Punishment of Bush!...

    Gore says: "I warned you, Bush!!!" You can't fool Mother Gaia!... New Hybrids? HUMAN-ANIMAL hybrids hailed as new Democrat base......

  7. City take illegal immigration problem into their own hands...

    Hazelton, PA has decided it is time to stop illegal immigration into their small town. So, they've decided to revoke the license of any business hiring an illegal and also fine a property owner $1,000 for renting to any illegal immigrant.

  8. [...] ***** Our good ole’ buddy and fellow Alabamian Basil has linked to this post with Picnic 2006-06-19 Technorati Tags:  borders, Bush, current events, immigration, immigration reform, news, news and politics, politics, President Bush, Rants [...]


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