Sunday, June 25, 2006

Prostate Cancer Screening

At the Catfish game saturday night, it was delayed by rain. And being delayed by rain, we weren't waiting in the stands for the game to begin. We were walking around the concourse, trying to keep a neice and a granddaughter entertained while we waited.

I was approached by a lady from the Tidwell Cancer Treatment Center. She asked if I would like a prostate cancer screening.

Now, I'm not all that knowledgable about lots of things. But I know a little bit about how a prostate exam goes. It's not high on my list of things to do today.

If you're not familiar with an exam, it involves a doctor, a finger, a glove, lubricant, leaning over a table, and the command "hold your breath." I hope you get the idea.

So, this nice lady walks up to me asking me if I'd like a prostate cancer screening.

I didn't immediately reply. I might have blinked twice, but didn't say anything right at first. Then perhaps a stutter or two.

She must have seen my ... hesitancy ... when she explained it was a screening. They drew some blood and would send it off to get looked at.

Okay, drawing blood I can stand. Yes, I'd rather them make a new hole than use an existing one. I think you can understand.

Anyway, I didn't know that a prostate cancer screening involved drawing some blood. But apparently, that's all there is to it. And I sat down and let them draw some blood. And the lady who draws blood is good. It didn't hurt a bit.

Afterwards, the lady explained that they run a test and check for something. And, if the tests come back a certain way, that indicates that an exam is in order. Yeah, the one with the finger.

So, in a couple of days, I'll find out if me and a doctor get to know each other real well.

Anyway, I'm glad to know that there is a quick, painless way to get screened for prostate cancer. It's one of the most preventable forms of cancer there is. Like 100% recovery. If caught early enough.

The catch is to catch it early. And the screening helps determine if an exam is in order.

So, if you're a male over 40 (that's how I caught the nice young lady's eye), it might be a good idea to get yourself screened.

Life's too short as it is. You might as well stick around for the ending.


  1. "I'd rather them make a new hole than use an existing one."


  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOOH basil, I am cracking up, laughing out loud and snorting! I can just see that "blink, blink stare" back at here. LOL

    But seriously, I hope everything is OK and you won't have to go any further in the "testing process". Good luck and prayers are being said in Alabama for you.

  3. Look What I Can Do...

    Go read basil's latest entry regarding Prostate Cancer Screening. He is such a good story teller and I can just SEE that "blink, blink stare" he describes, you know because I actually MET basil and his wife a short time ago. VERY NICE PEEPS....

  4. Mine are always done, it seems, by a female doctor hellbent on payback for gynecological exams

  5. They are checking your PSA levels, they should be 0. Anything over 1 should be a concern.

    FIL had prostate cancer, they caught it early and he is fully recovered, minus one prostate though.

  6. Ah, okay. That clarifies. Thanks.

    And glad they caught things in time.

  7. Thanks to Alabama Improper for directing me to this blog:

    Back in the mid or early 1980s, maybe 82 or 83, as a result of the screening and a follow-up biopsy of tissue from my prostate gland (a small "ouch" with that) it was determined that I had prostate cancer at an earlier age than normal. I told the doc to cut it out, which he did, and as of now I am a survivor of the "BIG C". Impotent, because of the procedures available at the time, but alive. Now they have procedures to help prevent impotency, so I say get the exam and go for whatever needs to be done to prolong your life.


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