Thursday, June 22, 2006

Up and Down

Over the last 24 hours, this little blog has experienced several outages.

Actually, many sites have. Or at least some Dreamhost-hosted sites.

Here's what they said happened:

... while working on preperation for the upgrade to Apache2 (which will greatly improve webservice) there was a bad networking config that caused many domains to receive bad DNS information.

That's fancy tech talk for people couldn't get to the site. Not just this site, but others they host. Not all, but some.

Anyway, for those that missed out, we have moved the items from the backup blog to here. Which means last night's Headline News, this morning's post (a blog tip of sorts), and this morning's Picnic are here.

Dreamhost has usually done a good job hosting. Things like this do happen from time-to-time ... and they continued to work the issue until it was resolved.

I don't like being down, but I do appreciate efforts to make things right. That's all anyone can ask.


  1. I'll stick with blogger. I know. Makes me a second class netizen ...

  2. Didn't realize you were on Dreamhost, too. They have been having some server issues, from DOS to wonkaroony downtime.


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