Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Basil and the Catfish

White Trash Wednesdays

First off, I understand Basil's love for baseball. It's a great sport. One time, I went to a game in Ludowici, and they beat the crap out of some team from Richmond Hill or somewhere, 52-0. Really.

So, he and I both come up liking baseball.

Well, yesterday, he started a campaign to get a night named after him at one of his Columbus Catifsh baseball game. Then, about lunchtime, he got a letter from the Catfish saying don't be doing that. And Basil backed down.

What the hell was that all about?

Basil! You a wuss, you know that? That Brad guy was getting too many emails from folks helping you out? And you backed down?

No damn wonder we had to run your ass off from southeast Georgia! We don't play that down here.

When I go over to the Sand Gnats games, we don't put up with crap like that. Nick the Gnat didn't stop and have a beer with us at a game one time, so we kicked his ass.

You see, that's how you handle things where I come from.

And, we whupped Nick the Gnat so bad that the Savannah baseball team had to go and hire Nate the Gnat to replace him.

That's what Basil should have done.

When that Brad Hundson or whatever his name is wrote him and said to back off on the emails, he should of done something.

Well, I guess Basil did. He punked out.

Hey, Basil. Did Brad Hudson make you feel bad? You need to take you some Midol? Will that help? You didn't go and cry now, did you?

Naw, you didn't. I know. But you backed down. And that's now how we do things around here, boy.

That's why I hopped in the Dodge truck and rode my happy butt over to Columbus Tuesday afternoon. Got there late. Cause I stopped in Hawkinsvilee and met this Cherokee Indian chick at the library. Anywya, I got there about middle of the game, and found that Brad Hudson fellow.

Me and him had a talk. And I did all the talking. If you know what I mean.

I think Mr Hunston or whatever his name is now sees things my way.

So, here's the deal. I'm going to ask all my Whtie Trash Wednesday buddies to help out. I betcha they could talk ole Bard Hudnson Brad Hudson to picking Basil for a special night at the ball park.

And, you know what? If enough go ahead and do this anyway, despite Basil's chickensh*t bakcing down, I betcha they'll have to select him for a special night. And Basil will have to buy all of y'all tickets, hot dogs, and Pepsi-Colas. That ought to piss everybody off.

Y'all with me? Let's do it. Email the Catfish about having a night for Basil. And they better pick him for it, too. I don't want to have to kick Hook's ass.

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  1. [...] Didn’t take long to figure out where the sound came from.  You see, it’s Wednesday, which in some corners of the Internet means White Trash Wednesday - and over at basil’s blog that means it’s time for another visit with Cousin Red.  As it happens, Cousin Red heard about basil’s recent adventure with the Catfish and let’s just say he has his own take on the way things should have gone down.  [...]

  2. What is a Basil and why is his name spreading across the web like a left coast brushfire? I went looking for a forecast for catfishing down at Earl Loogie’s Pond and ended up here. There were a half a dozen references at Google to some back alley baseball team treating their biggest fan like a case of the crabs!

    Hey Red, didn’t we used to beat up punks on the same playground? You sure sound familiar! I used to throw eggs at the Ludowici cops whilst they was hiding and waiting for some yankee to haul up to the courthouse. That always got them all hot and bothered. They’d jump out of them Ford Galaxie 500 police interceptors and chase me dern near to Jesup! It was dang sure a hoot.

    Tell Basil to keep his sweat rag dry and just let his friends turn up the heat on that no account ball team. They want to sell tickets, right? They might find out it pays to treat folks decently!

  3. Percy, yeah I've made that Ludowici-Jesup run a time or two myself. More than once I've tossed some stuff out the window as I crossed the Altamaha River!

    You know, if they'd quit selling that Savannah team, I think I'd invite Basil over to the Sand Gnats games at Grayson Staduim. I just hope I don't get rolled again at the after game party down on Abercorn.

  4. I came to your blog from The Random Yak. Sorry to say, as I come from Norway, I don't know anything about Baseball. But if you send Basil over for a week, I'll give him a thrill in Fotball (yes, you call it socker:-).

  5. RennyBA:
    Thanks. Tell you what. Next time I'm in Norway, you take me to a football game. Next time you're in Georgia, I'll take you to a baseball game. We'll both learn something. And have fun.

  6. [...] Unfortunately, he called us all off right before White Trash Wednesday, and Cousin Red wasn’t pleased with basil’s “wussy” stance.  Gauntlets flew, words were exchanged, gnats were referenced. [...]

  7. [...] Cousin Red at Basil’s Blog is launching an attack on the Columbus Catfish organization. [...]

  8. kids should win not old wore out douch bags


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