Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Help Me Get A "Basil Night" At The Catfish Game - version 2, withPrizes!

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. Vote for Basil. Or prepare to die.Let me explain. No, there is no time. Let me sum up:

So, let's try this again. And, to hold my feet to the fire, I'm giving away prizes. So I'm financially committed to this. No wimping out this time. So, let's try this again.

Go Catfish!The Columbus Catfish are having a promotion where they're going to name a night after a fan. Here's the deal:
The Columbus Catfish are giving fans a chance to win their very own promotional night. August 25th has been deemed "Insert Your Name Here" Night. Fans can win the honor by explaining, in 100 words or less, why they deserve to have a night dedicated in their honor.

The evening will be dedicated specifically to the winner and feature many prizes and special perks. The winner will be presented with their own personalized Catfish batting practice jersey and Catfish cap. The winner will also get the chance to select the music played between innings, be a part of the on-field entertainment, be a guest groundskeeper during the infield drag and throw out the ceremonial first pitch. Entry forms are available in Catfish souvenir programs and in the souvenir store. Entries will be accepted through August 13th.

I'm asking you to send them an email telling them in 100 words or less why they should have a Basil Night. If you want to get really fancy, print this out, fill it out, and mail it in to:
Columbus Catfish
P.O. Box 2744
Columbus, GA 31902

Do this for me, and there will be prizes. Everyone that submits (or has submitted) an entry on my behalf gets an entry for a prize. I've purchased the following, and will be giving them away. Me. Not the Columbus Catfish. But me.
  • A DVD from Winner's choice. Be reasonable, okay?
  • A Catfish T-shirt. Size: large.
  • An autographed Catfish logo baseball. I'm asking the players to all sign. I expect most will.
  • An autographed South Atlantic League baseball. I'm asking the Catfish players to all sign. Again, I expect most will. Prize replaced by DVD.

Everybody that submits an entry for me goes into a drawing. First name drawn gets first choice. Second name drawn gets second choice. And so on. You do not have to be here. I'll mail it to you.

Additionally, everyone who submits an entry on my behalf ... and shows up for the game ... will get in free, plus get a hot dog and a Pepsi-related soft drink. Well, not free. But I'm buying. So it'll be free to those who support me. My way of saying thanks.

Oh, and if the Catfish pick to have "Basil" Night instead of "Drunk Who Wandered In Looking To Watch A RedStixx Game" Night ... one of the prizes from the Catfish will be to throw out first pitch. I'll let y'all that show up decide amongst yourselves who gets to throw the first pitch. And the other prizes, too. Except the jersey. I think I'll keep the jersey. If it's the blue one. I already have a white one. Actually, two white ones. (Told you I was a fan.) Anyway, the other prizes I get from "Basil" Night will be distributed in some manner among those that vote for me and show up. We'll figure something out.

Oh, and the Catfish have scheduled fireworks for that night, anyway. So it will be a blast, no matter what.

So, if I am selected as the fan and they have a "Basil" Night, those that sent in emails and letters ... and show up ... get in free (I'm buying), get fed (I'm buying), and get to split the prizes the Catfish give away.

Whether or not I'm selected, those that sent in emails and letters get in a drawing for prizes. That I am providing.

So, bombard the Catfish with emails and letters telling them why I should be the fan honored that night.

Update: Helping the cause are...
All (bloggers and emailers) are in the drawings for prizes.


  1. [...] For those just tuning in: basil of basil’s blog is a big fan of Catfish baseball. The Catfish recently decided to hold a special “fan night” at the stadium, with “many great prizes and surprises” for and dedicated to a certain special fan - identity to be determined by a write-in contest. The prompt: “tell us, in 100 words or less, why you deserve to have a night in your honor.” Like any rabid fan seeking a name night at a baseball park, basil immediately put out the word and sought the help of his friends across the web. Always one to get in on a good gag, I sent my e-mail immediately and also put out the word here at the Yak. Pet and a few others around the ‘net also joined in the mayhem, and for one beautiful evening we all ran amok. [...]

  2. YES! That's the spirit! I'm off to write my submission for you. wuhahaha

  3. What am I saying?? I already have the top ten list, I'm so sending it.

  4. Done. Used a different email address, not at my laptop. Good luck, basil!

  5. Sounds like fun! I'd come if I could to see it all!

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  7. Please do nothing for Basil (updated)...

    From time to time, we ask our readers to particpate in a worthy cause. This is such a time. Our dear friend, and indefatigable blogger, Basil is campaigning to have his own honorary night at the August 25 Columbus Catfish game. The proposed name is &#...

  8. He says this after he cuts down the fans that come to support the Catfish?

  9. Elaine: Pronoun usage! You see, "he" can refer to the previous commenter ... or it could refer to me. We need to be clear about these things.

  10. Waa waa... go cry somewhere else JD Noteboom. I just discovered this site a few weeks ago and now I realize that Basil rules.

    And what's your deal Elaine? Can't handle Basil's massive love for baseball? Too much for you dear? Perhaps you and JD Noteboom can share a box of tissues together and cry about it.



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