Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Not Banned … But Thanks Anyway

Well, the "Basil Night" at the Catfish game campaign has made an impact.

But not a good one.

I appreciate your interest in August 25th and "Insert Your Name Here" Night. I must admit that the campaigning through your Site is a most creative way to garner support. However, in fairness, there are many "contestants" who do not have computers... or friends for that matter. The purpose of the contest when I drew it up was to see who could persuade us the most by simply using the entry form available at Golden Park. (As far as not accepting e-mails goes, the idea is that if you are a fan, you would be at Golden Park to pick a form up. I, of course, know you are an avid follower so I have no choice but to accept your earlier email submission).

That being said, as much as we have enjoyed the, albeit brief, campaign, it will not benefit your cause. I will consider your entry, however not the emails of your devoted followers. The idea is to let you and you ALONE promote yourself and your rabid support. However, please feel free to enter as many times as you wish... though a flooded e-mail box will prove detrimental to your chances of winning.

I hope you understand where I am coming from. Oh, and please don't think that I lack a sense of humor. It is actually quite advanced. I just wanted to give everyone a fair chance by using the same means - in this case, an entry form. Therefore, only those forms, and your e-mail (which is going to be tough to beat), will be considered. As always, thank you for your unwavering support. See you behind home plate this evening.

Brad Hudson
Director of Stadium Operations
Columbus Catfish Baseball Club

The phrases that stand out to me are: "the ... campaign ... will not benefit your cause" and "a flooded e-mail box will prove detrimental to your chances of winning." Oh, and "you and you ALONE promote yourself and your rabid support."

So, it looks like the campaign had an effect. And while I'm not yet banned from the stadium ... it looks like they don't want to hear it.

Anyway, THANK YOU! All of you that harrassed poor Brad. Brad's a nice guy. Mostly. Nah, he is.


Nah, he is.

Anyway, he wants them to stop, and asked me nicely. Mostly. So, again, all of you, thank you.

Still, the offer stands. All of you that sent emails or printed off forms and sent them in, your ticket to the game that night is on me. Plus a hot dog and a Pepsi. That means all the help from Random Yak, Dragon Lady, Seawitch, Pet's Garden, Redoubt (Sin City), plus those that have emailed, and anyone else I don't know about.

Let's give Brad a break. And again, I can't say it enough. Thank you. I really appreciate it.


  1. [...] UPDATE: Well, Basil has heard from the Catfish - and they’ve asked him to call off the yaks. And dogs. And bloggers. Unfortunately they’re only allowing submissions on the forms available at the stadium, and a kindly worded message suggested that a full inbox “won’t help” Basil’s cause. So no more messages, please. If you’re in the area and able to stop by the stadium, please do so (it’s a bit of a drive from California, so I’m afraid I’m of no more help here) and let’s hope Basil still prevails through more traditional means. [...]

  2. Here's the entertaining part. This poor man gets on his email, sees a whole boatload of "Basil for Rabid Fan" email and starts reading. Eventually he finds one (or more) that link to the websites and he starts reading there.

    While I feel for him, with his contest spinning rapidly out of his control in cyberspace (actually I'm darn entertained by it) I think he missed a point.

    See, if the point was to give a night to the most rabid fan of all, I think he found that fan. You alone did start this hurricane.

    I do get his point - he only wants people entering on their own behalf - but if he didn't make that clear I'm glad he's at least not blaming you for the result.

    Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

  3. Well, there is an upside to this. Stress two things: First your cute picture. People like kids. By making it Basil's Night and incorporating a child's picture, the (insert team's name here) will be promoting the future of (insert sport here).
    Second, there is the name Basil. People like food. There is a whole channel on cable devoted to food called the Food Channel. The team will be subliminally promoting itself year-round. Whenever someone reaches for that sweet spice for whom you are named, they will think of (insert team's name here) and will be promoting the future of (insert sport here).
    Good luck.

  4. Random Yak:
    You have no idea how much I appreciate this.


  5. Aghhhh...I didn't get to send my top ten list yet. Screw it, I'm still posting it on my site lol, it's funny.
    Basil I hope you win, and if you do, pics are in order! :)

  6. Basil Top Ten...

    Although the Basil campaign is over before I got a chance to send in my top ten reasons for the Catfish to make a Basil Night, I still wanted to post and share the top ten list with you. Enjoy.
    The Top Ten Reasons Why There Should Be A Basil / Catfish...

  7. Ya dang catfish whoa!...

    Ya dang catfish whoa!
    poor basil who will forever be uncapitalized has been asked
    to cease and desist.
    or in cowboy terms..
    I said whoa!
    So Pet being the kind Lady she is..
    Is not gonna flood this email box..
    But dang…….

  8. [...] Basil has made an impact on the Columbus Catfish Baseball team. [...]

  9. Please do nothing for Basil...

    From time to time, we ask our readers to particpate in a worthy cause. This is such a time. Our dear friend, and indefatigable blogger, Basil is campaigning to have his own honorary night at the August 25 Columbus Catfish game. The proposed name is &#...

  10. Phooey! Hope you win anyway! You've got me considering going to see the B'ham Barons because of your interest in the Catfish. Good luck!!

  11. Can I take a raincheck on mine...till I can move that way?

  12. Wow, that was not the kind of response you would expect from a business... a team that depends on the good will of their most devoted fans.

    I don't know about you... but I feel just a tad insulted...

    Color me... biting my tongue.

  13. Damn, I'm too late. I knew this whole job thing would interfer with my blogging! Good luck basil on fan night, I hope you get it.

  14. Blame Bush...

    I knew this job thing would interfer with my blogging; I missed out on a free hot dog....damn it to hell....

  15. I've received all kinds of support about this. From bloggers. From comments. From emails. And from Catfish front office staff.

    I've also caught some heck for backing down.

    I'm going to try again tomorrow. Again, thanks for the support.

  16. [...] And the Catfish noticed. Noticed, and sent basil a personal response indicating that it wasn’t fair for him to use the Internet and call in his friends to support his cause, because not all of their fans have access to the Internet. (Or friends, for that matter.) [...]

  17. like school in summer. . . . no class


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