Friday, July 14, 2006

Headline News 2006-07-14

From ABC News:
Shrinking Celebrities Influence Younger Generation
Verne Troyer now a role model

From ABC News:
Annoying Online Posts Could Be Illegal
99% of all blogs to close

From AJC:
White alligator on display
Jesse Jackson calls photos 'racist'

From ABC News:
Man, 83, Is Oldest Pro Baseball Player
Julio Franco celebrates birthday

From ABC News:
No Bids Yet on Crypts at Ark. Cemetery
Buyers want Bill & Hillary already in them

From ABC News:
British Police Defend 'Underpants' Advice
Still uncertain on step number two

From ABC News:
Flesh-Eating Bacteria Kills College Football Player
Bacteria gets scholarship from Florida State

From ABC News:
The Who to Tour After Nearly 25 Years
Moon, Entwistle still haven't returned Townshend's phone calls

From ABC News:
Bush concerned by Russia freedoms
Doesn't like Russia having more than U.S.

From ABC News:
Comedian Red Buttons Dies in L.A. at 87
And he never got a dinner


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