Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Headline News 2006-07-11

From ABC News:
WHO: Circumcision Could Stop AIDS Deaths
Study shows little risky sex happens in week following circumcision

From ABC News:
Woman Killed in Boston Big Dig Tunnel Fall
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Murder for Boob Job: Wife Allegedly Kills Husband
Man smothered to death, died happy

From ABC News:
Elizabeth Taylor: 'I Enjoy Food Too Much'
Fat ass explained

From ABC News:
June Allyson, 'Perfect Wife,' Dies at 88
Reached perfection Saturday

From ABC News:
Indian Cops Called to Investigate Ghosts
Question "Who ya' gonna call?" answered incorrectly

From WBOC:
Body Found in Home with 110 Cats
First proof too much pussy bad for you

From ABC News:
Woman Accused of Witchcraft in 1706 Cleared
Wishes sister, who had house dropped on her, had lived to see ruling

From ABC News:
Football Players Accused of Raping an 11-Year-Old
One-ups Duke Lacrosse team

From ABC News:
American Is Now al Qaeda Leader
Howard Dean takes job seriously


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