Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Headline News 2006-07-18

From ABC News:
Oprah Says She and Friend Not Gay
Insists none of her lesbian lovers are gay

From ABC News:
Man Fights Aliens, Then Pops the Question
Sigorny Weaver to marry again

From ABC News:
Wis. Woman Spots Monkey in Her Condo
Monkey likes his new spots

From ABC News:
Adam the Healer: Teen Says His Touch Cures
Has cured his own erectile disfunction several times this week alone

From ABC News:
Georgian parliament demands Russian troops leave
Waycross, Baxley on high alert

From ABC News:
Wal-Mart Eases Shoplifter Policy
Spokesman: "If they want cheap Chinese crap that bad, they can have it."

From ABC News:
11 Cousins Have Stomachs Removed After Tests
Algebra final gave entire family ulcers

From ABC News:
Fox Launching National Morning Show
Severe pointless talking head shortage to be addressed

From ABC News:
British Court Must Watch Jerry Springer
Most horrific punishment for contempt of court in history

From ABC News:
Bush to Address NAACP Meeting for 1st Time
Wants to "see what a negro looks like"

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