Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Why I'm THE Catfish Fan

I'm sure you know all about the Columbus Catfish running a promotion to name a night after one fan. And I'm trying to convince them that I'm the fan they should pick. And I've asked your help with that.

Well, I'm not asking you to fight my battles for me. I am asking for your help, though.

But I'm doing my part, too. For example...

I'm thinking I can tell the Catfish office to look at my competition for being the fan that gets a special night.

Here's my competition. Look at the fans in section HH:

Well, then.

Okay, let's move over to sections KK and LL:


Ah, behind home plate. I sit behind home plate. So compare me with other fans in that area.

Oh, wait. Those are scouts from other teams. They're being paid to be there.

Well, well, well.

Oh, I know. They can compare me to the fans sitting by the visitor's dugout.

If criteria is money spent on beer, I can't compete with this group that comes over from Auburn University.

If the deputies follow them out the parking lot, however, they'll be eliminated. I don't think you can attend Catfish games while sitting in the drunk tank. War Eagle.

So, that's my competition?

Heh. They don't stand a chance. How could any red-blood American male picking a baseball fan select anyone but me? Not possible.

. . .

. . .

Oh, heck.

Now I do have my work cut out for me.

I guess it's back to the drawing board.


  1. well well well...first off, we are from columbus, one was drinking at all that night and 3rd...youre a dick

  2. Tell them she was getting ready to nibble on her toenails in that picture lol. That should do it!

  3. Now, that's not "The Man" from GOP and the City. It's some local dude.

    And he was too chickensh*t to leave a real email address (comment policy violation). But I left his comment anyway. 'Cause it's funny.

  4. [...] Basil explains why he is a catfish fan and deserving of his own night. [...]

  5. basil, you crack me up.

    Is it too late for me to send in an email for your nomation? Cause I really want that free hot dog!

  6. Well, well, well! Is there gonna be a rumble at the baseball park?! hehe Do we need to take up bail money, just in case?! ;)

  7. I can just see it now. Basil will win and this person will take up a shout, taunting Basil, just as he is about ready to throw out the ball. And then the Basil fans will pelt him with hotdogs and cola, they'll throw beer at the Basil fans. The announcer could make it complete and play "Saturday Night's (all right for fighting) and they'll all get thrown in the pokey. It'll be a great night.

  8. Linda: Yeah. And anything left over can be used for the after-game party.

    Dragonlady: Sounds like a blast.

  9. Hey buddy, this is the big guy in the black shirt with the gotee in your picture of fans. First off I thought when you took our pic you were gonna use it for a fan site, not to promote you personal agenda. Second, you should take a lesson from our mascot, "Hook". In any competition or race he lets the kids win. You, as a forty or fifty something year old man should be highly embarrased that you our actively seeking the recognition and title of the biggest fan the catfish have. That should go to a young fan who is watching and into the game, something he can remember, that will earn the catfish a diehard fan for life. this award needs to be given to a young fan my friend. let them enjoy it. have you ever caught a ball. No big deal right. Now give it to a younger fan and watch his eyes light up. Thats a true fan. Making sure that the younger fans stay interested in this great american sport of baseball. Sincerely, Joseph Noteboom

  10. Hey, thanks for sharing. See you at the ballpark!

  11. The Mean Sister (who is 5'6")July 29, 2006 at 7:34 AM

    Hey basil,

    How about picking up an application, scan it in, let us fill it out and send it to you. Then you can take them all by? HMMM...would that be MEAN?

  12. Or they could give me the baseball. I'm not a baseball fan at all and if given a ball maybe I'll see the error of my ways and be a baseball fan for life. heh

  13. Dragonlady: We'll eventually get you to appreciating the Great American Pasttime that is baseball.

  14. Well I do kind of like the Cubs. Although I'd never bet on them lol.

  15. If ANYBODY can get you to liking baseball, it's Basil. He's tutored me some, so I can answer questions about the game, but I STILL don't understand it...but I do enjoy it when he takes me out to the ballgame.

  16. lol Maybe he's used some advanced form of brainwashing?


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