Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Barry White In My Pants

Recently, the Wife and I decided to get new cell phones. You see, we had cell phones, but from different companies.

Mine didn't cost that much each month. Hers didn't cost that much each month. But, since it was time to look at getting new phones, we checked into "family plans" where we share minutes.

And it turned out that we could get by cheaper by doing the "family plan" thing. So, we now have phones from the same company.

Now, previously, we've always had simple phones that basically did nothing more than place and receive calls. Which, when you think about it, is really what a cell phone should do.

Anyway, the new phones have the ability to have ringtones.

You've heard ringtones before. I know I have. Those silly songs or tunes that sound ... well ... stupid.

I always thought they were stupid. Now I got a phone that can play them. And so does the wife.

So, after we got the phones, we looked over what all the phones would do. They send and receive calls. And do the ringtones. And they also take photos. And movies. Little movies, but movies. Oh, and let you do wallpapers. And stuff like that.

But, the ringtones got the Wife's attention. So, she looked through the tunes available, and got into little schoolgirl mode. "Ooooh! I can get that! And that! Ooooh!"

She finally settled on "My Home's In Alabama" as her standard ring.

And the theme from "Bonanza" for calls from me. Yeah, it lets you specify ringtones for anyone in your list of contacts. So, I'm the Bonanza theme.

Well, after a bit, I decided to use custom rings too. So, I used the 15 standard ringtones that come with the phone to assign to different people or groups of people.

Then, one day, when I walked over to her workplace for lunch, we were sitting in the lunch area, talking about the phones with her co-workers. And they started talking about ringtones. So I started playing with the phone, and went to the ringtones.

That's when I looked into the non-country music selections they had. I had seen the country music selections when she was picking a tone. So, I went through the oldies and such to see what they had. So, I ended up downloading a song, and assigned it to the Wife's contact information. I thought that would be funny, and she'd get a kick out of it.

Fast forward to 5:30. I got off work, and was walking through the parking garage to get in the car to go pick the Wife up from work (we carpooled). I was carrying a couple of bags of snacks and took my keys out to unlock the car.

That's when the Wife called to see why I was running about 20 seconds late.

So, there I am, standing there with my hands full, and Barry White eminating from the cell phone in my pants pocket. Fortunately, there were only a few people around to hear "My Darling, I ... I can't get enough of your love, Babe" coming out of my pants.

I still think custom ringtones can be really stupid.

And I'm stupid.


  1. So sorry I missed that! hahaha

  2. I have an AC/DC ringtone...and got a phone call one night at church group. The Pastor was NOT amused.

  3. Oh, please tell me it wasn't "Highway to Hell"

  4. Mine does. Seriously. I rotate that, some Buffet, Satriani, and a few others.

    I also have some weird surf music as what the caller hears rather then the normal ring. Heh heh heh

  5. [...] Barry White in my pants is his title. ‘Nuff said. [...]

  6. [chuckle]

    Funny story, Basil, thanks.

  7. Barry White In My Pants...

    How can you not love a title like that? Worth plugging for the title alone....

  8. From now on, whenever I hear Barry White I'll be thinking of your pants!! hehe

  9. Thanks to you and Random Yak, I've been laughing half the night! THIS is hilarious! My husband keeps his phone on vibrate on his belt, and I have ringtones engaged. He hates my music. :)

    And, Linda - your comment is funny! I'll be thinking of this every time I come over to Basil's now. Can you imagine how this post title is going to look in Google? :)

  10. Specials of the day 7/14...


  11. Actually, Barb, I thinkthe chance of hearing Barry White is rather slim! And I said I'd be thinking of his pants--just a pair of pants getting jiggy with Barry White! Just having alittle fun! ;)

  12. "It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock n' roll"

  13. roflmao!! Look at the bright side of least you didn't pick the song "you sexy thing".


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