Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Headline News 2006-07-12

From ABC News:
Does Your Husband Read Pornography?
Not as far as you know

From ABC News:
US applies Geneva Conventions to military detainees
As far as you know

From ABC News:
Christie Brinkley and Fourth Husband Separate
At 9 years, 10 months, as close to forever as she's ever been

From ABC News:
Microsoft Releases Windows Security Fixes
Only 8,309 security holes remain

From ABC News:
Japanese Gadget Records, Replicates Odor
Now able to smell their own farts for weeks

From ABC News:
Fox, TBS Lead Baseball's New TV Deal
Now don't have to wait for Braves to make World Series

From ABC News:
London Bombing Survivor Believes Attacks Could Happen Again
Cancels trip to Bombay

From ABC News:
Man Is Fined Buffalo and Pig for Bigamy
Pays with both wives

From CNN:
Vote on possible N. Korea sanctions delayed
Jimmy Carter to keep Nobel Prize

From WJAC:
Convicted drunk driver wants early release
Wants to get to bar in time for happy hour


  1. What an incredibly dishonest piece from Al-Reuters...

    Note how the fine reporters at Al-Reuters slide cleanly into implying Bush ordered Abu Ghraib, or that administration policy somehow had something to do with it, selectively quote Republican “realist” senators to imply Bush is widely i...

  2. Wednesday's...

    Basil's Blog: Headline News Right Jokester: 45 Year Old Woman Accused of Stalking. Goomba News Network: Zidane Sez: "I Snapped When Materazzi Insulted My Mother." Point Five: Big Dig Death Disappoints Project Engineers Semi-Open Trackbacks: If you ...


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