Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Headline News 2006-07-05

From Reuters:
Gene causes retardation in Down syndrome: study
Paul, Ace not implicated

From Reuters:
Major US airlines seeing full planes this summer
Al Qaeda booking agents credited with increase

From Reuters:
Study finds breast feeding wards off bed-wetting
Study finds urination difficult with erection

From Reuters:
Anti-war protesters begin July 4 fast
Al Qaeda surrenders

From Reuters:
Somali Islamist militia kill two over World Cup
Bush blamed

From Reuters:
Iraqi PM demands rape probe
Considered safer than using condom

From Reuters:
Pirates attack three ships off Indonesia
Phillies, Dodgers on full alert

From Reuters:
Piece of Indian man's skull falls off, draws crowds
Leper Olympics continue

From Reuters:
Climate change evaporates from G8 agenda
Still talking about weather, not doing anything about it

From Reuters:
Apple to sell education computer for $900
First lesson: Buy a $400 Dell

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