Sunday, July 9, 2006

Old Chinese Guy Writes Back

Last week, I got an email from some person who was doing as he was told and emailed people who are on the Stop the ACLU blogroll ... or have Stop the ACLU on their blogroll. I fit both categories.

Anyway, he wrote me, and I wrote him back.

Well, he wrote again.

Hello Basil,

I may be from a past age, but that doesn't mean I actually appreciate what happens in this age. I remember the fanaticism of the "Yellow Scarves", who wanted to kill everyone who didn't follow their faith. I didn't sit back then, I took action, along with my good friend Guan Yu and Liu Bei.

In the present time, with the Jews being persecuted in Delaware, it likewise is neccessary to protest such evil acts.

Nonetheless, I do appreciate that you are not 100% in agreement with the contemporary Yellow Scarves, Nedd and Jay. However, your hostile tone does not clarify things. Have you emailed them, telling them to cease their actions? I mean, obviously you had time to send a condescending email to me

And I wrote back.

I thought it was clear from my previous response that the email campaign was yours. And, be implication, not mine.

No, I haven't emailed them. I don't email lots of folks. I did respond to you because I saw the chance for some humor out of it. Plus, it gave me a chance to write about it and not have to actually think of something to post about. I mean, why search for something that's sitting in your lap, you know?

So, as I said, no. I haven't emailed them. I haven't emailed Debbie Frisch,either. Have you?

And by my "hostile tone" I didn't clarify my position? Well, then. Mission accomplished.

Thanks for writing.

Oh, you never did tell me if you had a blog. Do you? I assume not.

Want one?

Take care.

Isn't that just my luck? Goldstein gets vicious trolls ... and I get polite Chinese dead guys.

Maybe there's a blogger in the making there. A lefty, obviously, but still, he'd be a darn sight better than South(west) Paw, huh?


  1. Hey if a guy can successfully blog in the third person while pretending to be a moose, why not a polite old Chinese dead guy?

  2. Now who can argue with that.

  3. The mentality of the two are the same -- no brains. ;)

  4. Polite? Well, just be careful basil.

  5. Deb Frisch. UGH. I smell a huge lawsuit against it and the University of Arizona. It should also turn itself in for evaluation.

  6. Hostile tone? Did I miss something? I guess my definition of hostility isn't politically correct. But then, if that's the new trend then everyone must be hostile. hmm, what a quandary. lgp


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