Thursday, July 27, 2006

Headline News 2006-07-27

From CNN:
Seattle stunned by 'bizarre' killings
John Byner, Super Dave Osborne sought for questioning

From CNN:
Tiny jets set to be cleared for take-off
Tiny Elvis buys plane

From CNN:
Station changes format from God to sex
DJs still call out "Oh, God!" as often as before

From CNN:
Democrats: Bolton still a 'bully'
Made them give him their lunch money

From WPTZ:
Woman finds dead mouse in frozen meal
Had ordered live mouse

From KCRA:
Car pulled from river has body
Body By Fisher

From CNN:
Senator Reid victim of identity theft
Idiotic statements attributed to him finally explained

From CNN:
Famed hacker felled by the flu
Hit by virus

From CNN:
Pam Anderson can't wait to be wed
Tired of saving herself for marriage

From Reuters:
Police arrest "Viagra gang" suspect
Expected to do hard time

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