Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Wide Awakes Radio has re-launched!

After a much-celebrated launch 7 days ago, the servers were overloaded, and new servers were installed.

Those servers are running, and WAR is on the air.

They'll take phone calls (888-407-1776). Although conversations over the phone are problematic right now ... they'll take questions and comments.

WAR is on the air!

UPDATE: Seems 7 days notice isn't enough. So there's a slot open this morning. And ... what are they thinking! ... I'm on this morning at 10:00 ET.

UPDATE: Two hours? Two hours? Two hours! Kender, what were you thinking?

Anyway, it was fun. Thanks.


  1. [...] Basil enjoyed his 2 hours on W.A.R, and I am glad to see it back online. [...]

  2. I caught the podcast version. Maybe it is northern prejudice, but you might talk slower. Otherwise, very well done. Big fan of the second movement of the ninth

    Off to a good start

    Lot of preparation into it, eh?


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