Thursday, July 20, 2006

Evil Glenn - Superlawyer

A Filthy Lie1985

Thank you coming in today.

My pleasure. Thank you for seeing me.

What can I do for you?

I know you're just out of college and have just started your own law firm, but word has gotten around about you.

Oh, that's quite kind of you. Your reputation, of course, preceeds you. It's an honor to be speaking with you.

Flatterer. Still, we know just how evil and devious you are. And I'd like to ask you a question.

Please, go ahead.

I want to be President.


The United States, of course.

Do you think we're ready for a woman President?

No, and that's why I need your help.

So, you want my advice on how to become President?

That's it.

Without any political experience?

Well, yes.

Without any qualifications at all?


You married?

Yes, but he's a dumb redneck.

Perfect. Wait until Ronald Reagan is out of office, then run your husband against his successor. Even a dumb redneck will be able to beat whoever replaces Reagan.

Okay, then what?

It's going to be rough. But you've got to stick with him. If he's a redneck, he'll get himself in trouble. Embarrasing trouble. Help him through it.

I can do that.

Then, after he leaves office, you've got to get some political office on your resumé.

Any suggestions on that?

Find a state that will elect someone with no qualifications other than being related to someone famous.

What state would do that?

New York would be perfect. They elected Robert Kennedy when he was nothing but brother of a former President. He wasn't even from New York. Yes, move to New York and run for Senate.

Then what?

As Senator from New York, you won't have to do anything. After four years, unless we're at war, you can get elected President. If we are at war, it'll take eight years.

That's it?

That's my best advice.

Thank you so much. I won't forget this.

We lawyers have to stick together.


  1. IF only Glenn would use his powers for good and not evil... sigh
    Great post, I always suspected it! It seems just what evil Glenn would do! :)

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  3. That Evil Glenn is beyond evil! He's eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeville!

  4. moooohhhaaahhhahhhhahhahh !!!

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  6. I suggest that you show the Glenn/Corzine interview next!
    But Corzine's not a lawyer, you'll say. True. But at least he's not married to a redneck.

  7. Who are you calling not a redneck??


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