Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Animal Smells

I like dogs. And I like cats. And I'm fine with most pets, in fact. I don't like spiders and snakes. Or other stuff like that. But I can deal with most pets.


I've never been one that cared for inside pets. Well, goldfish or hamsters or parakeets and the like, I understand.

But critters that can fend for themselves? Out the door.

When I was younger (okay, young) we had dogs and cats. But they stayed outside. Oh, we'd let them come inside every now and then. But we weren't supposed to.

Some time after my Big Sister (who's 5'4'') went off to college, got all smart, moved back to our hometown, and got her a job, she went and got herself a dog. One of those little dogs about the size of a rat. And she kept it inside.

Now, I had nothing against that little rat-dog (really) ... but it being inside was something I just couldn't get used to.

My Big Sister (who's 5'4'') kept the dog clean and everything. But let's face facts. Dogs smell like dogs. And if the dog pees on the floor, it smells like dog pee. And if the dog craps on the floor, it smells like dog crap. And when it sheds, you've got dog hair.

Now, my Big Sister (who's 5'4'') kept wonderful care of that little rat-dog. She really did. But, that dog ... well, it was a dog.

And, get this. Years later, her mother got a little rat-dog. And kept it inside. This is the same woman that didn't like us bringing in dogs and cats when we were kids. She had a little rat-dog in her house.

And the wife. She used to have a little rat-dog. Smelled like a dog.

Oh, my Big Sister (who's 5'4''), mother, and the Wife will all say they didn't stink.

Here's a news flash. A dog smells like a dog. And I don't care for dogs in the house.

Just so you don't think I'm picking on others, or don't understand about animals inside, you need to know this. I've had a cat that lived inside.

Here's what happened. The children got a cat. I might have got it for them, I don't remember. But they had a cat.

One summer, when the children were staying with me, their mother dropped the cat off at the apartment. Where I was staying wasn't conducive to outdoor animals, being an apartment complex and all, so the cat came inside.

It was not too long after that I moved out of the city. The cat (Cat-rina) came with me. And it lived outside. Until it got run over on the highway.

So, yes, I've been in a situation where I had an indoor animal. Didn't like it. But I know it happens. I didn't ... and won't ... intentionally cause the situation. But, yeah, it happens.

Anyway, cats in the house smell. Dogs in the house smell. About any animal in the house smells. That's why companies sell room and rug deodorizers that get rid of pet smells.

Because pets smell.

Outdoor animals smell, too, by the way. The wife has chickens and ducks and goats. Whenever she goes out to feed the goats, one or both of them will rub up against her. And she comes back in the house smelling like a goat.

In the Army, they'll use the phrase "goat-smelling ass" (as in "get your goat-smelling ass over here, Private!") from time to time. It's not a term of endearment. So, smelling like a goat is NOT a good thing.

She's always loved animals. And that's a good thing. People that love animals are usually good people. She loves them. Always has. And always will.

It wouldn't surprise me if one day, she showed up with some little rat-dog to keep in the house. If she does, I won't like it, but we'll have a rat-dog in the house.

Until I set out some rat traps, that is.


  1. My dog doesn't smell -- you just have a great nose!!! But you're right, that's why we're putting in hardwood floors; carpets store everything that smells.

  2. How tall is your big sister again? ;-) We always had inside dogs. And yes, they stunk up the house. Well, except for Pepper our little toy poodle. But now we are pet free! And I plan on keeping it that way!!!

  3. I didn't say they didn't stink.
    basil: "Did too"
    tbs: "Did not"

    And I'd love to have new flooring in the entire house. Actually, I'd love to have a new house. But we won't go there.

  4. It is ironic that I came across your blog. I just made an entry about my dog with poopy breath. I can't stand the smell either.


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