Thursday, July 6, 2006

Headline News 2006-07-06

From Reuters:
Man prefers jail to being at home with grandpa
Herman, Lily support decision

From Reuters:
Wendy's second-quarter same-store sales inch up
New "Finger Chili" menu credit for increase

From Reuters:
LeapFrog CEO steps down
Red Rover starts acquisition

From CNN:
'Penguins' pack punch for education reform
Burgess Meredith, Danny DeVito unite

From Reuters:
All five Korean hostages in Nigeria free-militants
Kim Jong Il claim credit

From Reuters:
Malnutrition slows growth of half Niger kids -U.N.
Sen. Robert Byrd introduces bill to help, reminisces when "it was spelled with two 'G's"

From Reuters:
UK reporter barred from Russia on security grounds
Interviews for job at New York Times

From WSB:
Three wounded outside Six Flags
Mr. Six held for questioning

From CNN:
No Viagra charges for Limbaugh
Conviction "hard to obtain"

From Court TV:
Castrated child molester wants to be freed from mental hospital
Prosecuter: "He's nuts"


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