Monday, July 17, 2006

Headline News 2006-07-17

From ABC News:
Hooters Chairman Found Dead
Wife finally went to one of his restaurants

From ABC News:
No Privacy for Lance Bass at Gay Bar
Outed as a former boy-band member

From ABC News:
2 Humpbacks Entangled Off New England
George, Gracie still trying to get away from that Vulcan

From ABC News:
Novell to Release New Linux Distribution
Both users care

From CNN:
G-8 calls for end to Mideast strife
All parties lay down arms, were simply waiting for Europeans to say stop fighting

From CNN:
Bush uses expletive in frustration over Middle East
New speechwriters Trey Parker & Matt Stone make impact

From CNN:
2 big fires in California desert merge
Will outsource smoke

From CNN:
Storm kills more than 160 in China
Bush blamed

From KITV:
Art academy used P.I. to recover stolen jewels
Thomas Magnum comes out of retirement

From WESH:
Woman gets to keep 200 cats
First legal cathouse outside Nevada


  1. S*** happens...

    Basil blames his new speechwriters. LOL...

  2. Basil is the king of one-liners. The hell with Leno, the hell with Letterman, the hell with The Daily Show. Basil's wittier than all of 'em put together.

  3. Monday's...

    Real Clear Politics: Rove Secretly Runs the New York Times Bad Example: More Progress In Iraq Goober Queen: Didja Hear the One About... Basil's Blog: Headline News Semi-Open Trackbacks: If you have something funny to share, link to this......

  4. You mentioned Thomas Magnum! I loves big Tom--so I'll be having pleasant dreams! Thanks!


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